Working In a Company vs. Being Self Employed

Which one is right for you?

Independence is a key value for most people nowadays. We are living in the global society age and our freedom is priceless. This is why keeping a strict work schedule has become an issue of concern for employees worldwide. People are turning their backs on routine and considering self-employment as an alternative.

Here are some key factors to consider in deciding whether or not self-employment is suitable for you.

A proper working environment

Being employed provides, first of all, a suitable working environment. Every company makes investments to make sure their employees have all the resources that they need. Making use of these resources is a great advantage- this is how you get a quiet environment to work in, the equipment to work with, depending on the industry, and even expertise in your area, considering that you have superiors to learn from.

On the other hand, working in a company may seem like a rigid environment to some of us. The office dress code, having to work in a closed office space for many hours and sitting at a desk, all these may not be the best options for some people.

Self-employment seems to offer a solution to all these problems. Think about sitting on the couch with your computer, taking a break from your work whenever you feel like it, not having to worry about what you’ll wear at the office. These are all possible because self-employment means the opportunity to work from home.

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Money, money, money

We can get into a debate about many aspects of the two types of employment. But, inevitably, it all comes down to talking about money. Keeping a steady income is a major concern in our consumerist society. People want to make money fast and spend it on their favorite products and services.

This being considered, there are those who will say there is no way you can match a company salary by your own earnings. Maybe you have a few good months and your business is profitable, but self-employment also means taking all the responsibility for the times when business is slow. Also, what if you want to take a loan and you have to pay monthly installments? Those who have a credible, experienced employer are more likely to be eligible for a bank loan than those who are self-employed. They could be able to lease a house, a car, or even loan money for a vacation. This seems like a good thing for those who want a stable environment and prefer security.

Even so, there is a tendency among present workers to reject daily office routine and consider self-employment. We hear more and more about successful young entrepreneurs starting their own companies. This might also be appealing due to the possibility of increasing the fixed income you are used to. Freedom to make your own money is definitely attractive.

But what if you are not the adventurous type, who will quit their job from one day to another to work independently?  Then you could consider other popular alternatives to earn extra money. Making money online has become a good option, with the possibility of taking part in online surveys or even setting up your own online shop.

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Social life and networking

It is a great advantage for most employees in companies to socialize and be part of a group. This benefits both their work and personal life. Making friends is harder in today’s society, when face-to face interaction is becoming rare compared to virtual activity.

Working in a company with many employees offers more opportunities than self-employment. You can take part in events, get information about different activities and stay up to date with everything that happens in your field. You can also plan things to do in your free time and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. Having fun is also a way to get the work done! And it’s probably faster.

It all depends on the type of person you are. Self-employment can also mean freedom to have a social life. So if you are the proactive type who will still get involved in a lot of activities and who prefers to shape up their own time schedule, you can work from home and still be able to focus on networking. If you still haven’t decided, you could choose combining a steady job with self-employment and reap both of their benefits.