4 Reasons Why Women Are More Productive

Here are the reasons why women are more productive while working from home!

Have you ever wondered if your gender affects your productivity along with your work habits and workstation? Believe it or not but all these factors, especially your gender, has an impact on your productivity and performance when you work from home and it is in your hands to increase it.

Many women often find it hard to balance work and family life. It is a real struggle, as it brings many challenges to cope with. As women, we all have to make tough decisions to determine our priorities when it comes to establishing a family and pursuing our ideal career.  Even though this may seem copable in the beginning, it can get frustrating in time due to the fact that women have to take time off to create family and take care of it. Many believe that this process often ends in postponing career plans, unless you manage to work from home.

However, contrary to general belief, you can actually be more productive with your children while working from home. And there are various studies that prove that women are actually much more productive even though they have to face more distractions in life -especially when they work from home.  Here is why:

1. Women are good at multitasking

This is something we all know by heart, yet it has been also scientifically proved! According to the research paper published in the journal of BMC Psychology, women outperform men when multitasking, at least in certain cases. This means that women are able to involve more in multi-tasking and able to do tasks simultaneously, such as household tasks.

This ability affects positively women’s productivity in terms of balancing work and life. It is of course easier to reach work/home balance if women are able to work from home. However, whether working from home or office, women are able to carry out both domestic tasks and work-related tasks at the same time, while performing successfully.

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2. Women are less prone to distraction

It is true! Women get less distracted especially while they are working. According to the study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, an independent research consultancy, women can work longer times without getting distracted, which results in getting the job done in a shorter period.

This productivity can be increased if you are working from home. With or without kids you will have the chance to focus better on your tasks, since there are less and less distractions. Working productively from home without distractions will allow you finish your work in a shorter time, so you can take time with your beloved ones.

3.  Women who work flexibly are more productive

It has been quite popular to ask if flexible working hours make one more productive. It is in fact more popular especially among women, who have to use their time both for parenting responsibilities and for the workload they have. So does it really make it easier or more productive for women to work from home in a flexible job/ or work flexibly?

The answer is yes! A study conducted by Ernst and Young shows that women working part-time or flexible time are much more productive than their full- time working colleagues. This is especially significant for working mums, since the time management is quite important for them. Having children means that you need to be able to maximize the usage of your time in a perfect way, so that you complete all your tasks and leave time for your kids.

This is where working from home option comes in, because working from home is the easiest and best way to maximize your time. It is quite convenient especially for those, who are working or willing to work with flexible times. Though it may seem difficult, it can make your life much easier especially if you are planning to establish a family. Can you imagine a life where you work from the comfort of your home while determining your own working schedule?  Well, that just sounds perfect!

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4. Women with kids are more productive

Most women find themselves in the crossroads of making an important decision: producing a family and having kids or continue their career. And most of them fear that the decision to make children may not be a smart career move.

As a woman, I can assure you that it is a tough decision and period and we all have to experience it at some point in our lives. But if you think that your career might be damaged after having kids, then you are totally wrong. Because a study says that women with kids are much more productive than their childless peers.

According to the study conducted by Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, women who participated in the research have seen a dramatic change in their career life after they have had children. The study revealed that women’s productivity has increased constantly, as their family life is stabilized.

Even though the findings prove that the myth about the working mums’ low productivity is dead, it still seems quite difficult to meet the heavy demands of children while working. This can get easier if you can have the chance to work from home, where you’ll be able to find time both for your work and for your family.

Yet either working from home or from office, you can boost your productivity, as family life will help you to organize more and finish your tasks on time.