How to Avoid Health Problems While You Are Working from Home

Some tips to be healthy and productive, when you are working from home.

All we know is, that we can get some health problems (indeed some serious ones) while we are seated the whole day when we work from home in front of a laptop. Thus, here you can get more information about these problems you may have and get some ideas how to avoid them.

Sit in an ergonomic chair and avoid back pain

You may think a chair is only a piece of furniture where we are seated. However, the chair is the most important furniture you should consider if you want to work from home. It would be as important as your laptop or wifi connection. Therefore, you should be concerned to buy one ergonomic chair.

And what is ergonomic? It is a science applied to equipment design intended to maximize productivity by reducing fatigue and discomfort. Furthermore, you should be aware to place the chair, when you are working from home, at the right height. In this way, you can touch the floor with your whole feet (not only with the toes) so your legs are relaxed as well as your entire body.

Breathe deeply and escape from stress

Stress has been affecting our lives for many years and causing serious disorders in our organism such as insomnia, headaches or depression. Thus, we should learn how to prevent this problem if we are working from home.

How to do it? There is a simple and basic way: breathing. Yes! You read right. When you get overwhelmed because of the huge amount of work you must finish, just take five minutes to relax and breathe. The key is to concentrate in your breathing, just ¨feel¨ how you inhale the air through your nose and it goes to your lungs. Try to keep it there for some seconds and then exhale it through your mouth. Try it when you are working from home and get in bad mood, and you will feel better just some minutes later.


Place your wrist correctly to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Have you ever heard about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? If not, keep reading. Some years ago it was very common among telephone operators, because they have to dial numbers the entire day. However, now it is more usual to suffer from this disease, because we are working with the mouse most of the day. Especially if you are working on a computer from home.

But, you may wonder what is this disease in fact? Wikipedia says it is “a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel and causes pain, numbness and tingling, in the part of the hand that receives sensation from the nerve. Pain may extend up the arm leading to discomfort extending to the shoulder and forearm.”

Hence, for staying away from this risk, it would be better to buy a mouse pad with a soft rest for your wrist. What is more, you can take some breaks and stretch your hands and fingers while you are working from home.

Exercise frequently to prevent obesity

If we work from home, we could just spend the whole day seated, without even noticing it, and this can be really harmful for our health. Sedentarism is related directly with obesity.

Studies have shown that people who are seated more than six hours per day have a 40 percent higher risk of dying from any cause, versus those who sit for fewer than three hours. In this scenario, it is strongly recommendable to have an exercising routine to accomplish.

If your are working from home, you do not even have to go out to exercise. For example, you can just grab a mat, lie on the floor and find some videos of indoor exercises in Youtube. It is all about determination and enthusiasm.

Woman .doingyoga

Chew gum instead of smoking

The cigarette has been associated with inspiration and creativity. Indeed, some prestigious writers as Gunter Grass or Oscar Wilde found in it a way to free their imagination to write their famous novels.

Nevertheless, it has been demonstrated the wide damage that cigarettes can cause to our bodies, even if we are passive smokers.

Consequently, if you are working from home and need some inspiration to start your day, it is better to put some chew gum in your mouth rather than a cigarette.

Take breaks and evade Computer Vision Syndrome

We are used to spend many hours, while we are working from home, in front of the computer screen. That is one of the reasons why our eyes could suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, that means dry or red eyes, blurred vision, eye irritation, etc.

We just have to remember, that working on a computer requires more effort for our eyes compared to reading a book for example. On a computer screen the elements contrast and flicker and our eyes should follow them automatically. That is why you should look away from the screen every 20 minutes in order to rest your eyes. Another good idea is to adjust the brightness and contrast on your computer settings, according your needs.