How to make money when you’re travelling - 5 tips from travel bloggers

Get on the road and don’t worry about the money! You can get them on your way!

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1.Teach English!

Will Haton of the The Broke Backpacker is one resourceful world traveller, who planned a budget of only 20 $ per day for his next adventure. And no, he’s not going on a countryside retreat for a few days. He is going to embark on a 18 months journey from the UK to Papau New Guinea! His blog is full of useful tips for backpacking on a budget, but it’s the creative tips on how to make money that have drawn our attention. So if you’re thinking that there are not too many job options for backpackers around the world, Will offers a new approach on how to make money while travelling.

Why not try teaching English? Either you are a native speaker or you just have an advanced level of the language. Being a teacher could prove a great way to network and make money at the same time. You could try doing some research on English language certificates and prepare your teaching portfolio. This way, you’ll have a back-up plan on how to make money in the times of need.


2. Start a travel blog!

James and Susan of The Savvy Backpacker are experts in backpacking through Europe on a budget. They give tips on ways to save money while visiting Europe’s best cities and their experience speaks for itself. They also share valuable insights on how to make money while being on the road.

You may have heard a lot of things about starting a travel blog, but you probably have doubts on how to actually make money online from a business like this. Well, get a notebook and start writing, because you have to get information on things such as content, marketing, SEO and making your blog profitable. It seems like a lot to process, but if you want to learn how to make money for your next travelling adventure, this is a great way to start.


3. Make money with your travel photos!

You weren’t expecting this one, were you? Even if you are not a professional photographer, your travel photos are still valuable, if you are wondering how to make money while travelling., a blog for budget-friendly advice on travelling, gives a great tip on how to make money using your pictures. Websites like iStockPhoto, Kombi or Shareapic might be interested in buying your pics, so grab your camera and start the photo shooting!  


4. Get a cabin crew job!

If you’re the adventurous type and you want to see the world, but you still don’t know how to make money to afford this, be creative! Put your best skills to work and apply for a cabin crew job. Hayley of Lifeasabutterfly shares her experience of working as cabin crew and gives very useful tips for her readers. Get some insight and inspiration from her travel adventures around the world and decide if this is what you want, too.

While this involves a major life change, it is definitely a great way to see the world and make money at the same time. The only question is are you brave enough to try it?

5. Work from Skype

Another creative piece of advice on how to make money while travelling comes from Rebekah Voss, the founder of the blog, knows all about having a digital job and still being able to afford to travel. Using Skype in order to make money online is one of the tips she shares with her readers.

Fortunately enough, you can use Skype to work in your field without having a strict office routine or you can try other jobs as well. Rebekah gives some interesting examples of remote work, such as being an online therapist, a life coach, a business consultant or a teacher.

So stop wondering how to make money online and get to a computer! The digital world we live in has made things so much easier for us travelers.