The Big Trap of Working from Home and How to Avoid It

What you keep forgetting when working long hours

Lack of physical activity when working from home

If you are working from home, like many of us out there, you probably already have complained about the long hours spent sitting in front of your computer. Although people working in an office are also stuck there for long, at least they are required to leave the house. They might stop by the grocery store on the way home, or encounter some stairs on their way. People who work from home may get stuck at a desk from morning till dawn, losing track of time in the privacy of their house, without any co-worker to interrupt them. Some might work on their sofa, which leads to an even more unhealthy position for their body.

Have a look on the infographic below and evaluate how active you are on a weekly basis, compared to what experts recommed. Sadly most of us don’t manage to “find the time” (the very common excuse) to go for a 20 minutes’ walk every day, especially when we work from home. You don’t need to be weight-training or pay an expensive gym subscription to be active. Just going for a bike ride or a jog in the park is enough to get your blood running and become healthier.

If running outside is not your cup of tea, there are various exercises you can do from the privacy of your house, when you need a break from working from home. We have selected some basic and efficient tricks to get you moving when you need a break.

Infographic _physical _activity

The three classics – squats, pushups and crunches

Squats are known everywhere for their great benefits, working important muscles of the legs. The movement is similar to sitting and standing from a chair. Focus on keeping your back straight, and the knees above your ankles. A correct movement is more important than how low you can go. The pressure of your body should be on your heels, not toes. Keep your chest out and shoulders back, and look at a point in front of you, not down. Trust me, your legs and buttocks will be thankful for this training after you have been sitting, working home for hours.

Pushups are the perfect exercise for the upper body and abdominals. If you’re just getting started, you can use stable objects, as the kitchen counter top, in order to build strength. Then slowly move lower, until you manage to do them with your hands on the floor. Since you’re working from home, you have a lot of options what to use from your surroundings in your training!

Crunches are another classical exercise, and the reason why they are so popular is that they work! There are many variations you can try, from the classical ones, with your knees bent and hands behind your back, to side crunches or legs up. Pay attention not to arch your back, since the abdominals should be the ones working. Also, don’t push your head up with your arms.

Sports _when _working _from _home

Take advantage of working at home and stretch some more

Regardless of what you might have heard about yoga, it is a wonderful stretching workout for the whole body. It connects both body and soul, and it is not just for those extra flexible! You can build flexibility as you practice, and it is a perfect break from your work from home routine. It disconnects you from the rest of the world and helps concentration. You can find free classes and YouTube videos for various levels and styles, give them a try and find your favorite!

Even if you feel yoga is not for you, your back will be thankful for a bit of stretching from time to time. When you work from home, you probably go in the kitchen from time to time to grab a warm cup of tea. Why not take advantage of the minutes it takes for the water to boil and do some slow, deep stretching of your back and spine?

No matter what you decide to do, the benefits of some physical activity are multiple. Working from home allows you the possibility to disconnect, stretch and allow your blood to flow faster. This increases your concentration levels, releases endorphins and keeps you healthy. So remember to take regular breaks from your laptop and chair and invest in your well being!