5 Easy Ways to Make Money in Halloween

Celebrate it and earn money at the same time!

Halloween is coming closer in our calendar and probably you are going out with friends to celebrate it. If you are going to a party wearing a scary costume or just having drinks in a bar, it is always wiser to have more money in your pocket, so you do not destabilize your monthly budget due to your extra expenses. Therefore, SurveyBee has gathered easy ways to make money in Halloween while you enjoy this night.


1. Selling costumes

If you have prodigious hands and have some experience sewing, you can clearly find an easy way to make money selling your costumes. You can be as much creative as you want! You can think out of the box and just create some costumes besides the typical ones: the witch, the ghost, the gypsy, etc. How about becoming in your favorite cartoon character when you were a child? Luckily, you can win some prizes for the ¨Best Costume¨. In fact, you can sew costumes for our lovable dogs (or pets in general) and make them enjoy Halloween as much as we do, while they also participate in the trick and treat game.
However, if you do not have a flair for sewing, do not worry, you can still have another easy way to make money. Remember that after Halloween night, the shops just sell their costumes very cheap because they would like to have the latest ones for the next year. Thus, you can buy them at a very low price, wrap them kindly and keep them for the following 12 months for sale.

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2. Doing Halloween Makeup

Do you spend a lot of time doing your beautiful make up every time you have a party? Do all women at the party stare at you asking who did it and you always answer proudly yourself. If so, you have found another easy way to make money on October 31st. Why not using your ability with the endless colours of eye shadow, eye liner and powder make up and earn some money trying to look as a zombie? You can become an artist and surprise (and charge) your friends with frightening makeup.

3. Selling pumpkins 

Another easy way to make money in Halloween is carving pumpkins and selling them to your family and friends or even to your neighbours. Who does not like to have a nice decoration at home during Halloween time? They look scary as well as charming. Of course, you need to have some talent on your hands for carving pumpkins. But if you are not an expert, you always can practice by watching some tutorials on YouTube. For sure, you will master it after short time.
Again, if you are not a skilled-hand man, planting, harvesting and selling pumpkins can be an easy way to make money as well. You need a big space in your garden for taking care of them. Moreover, you should be aware that its seeds do not germinate in cold soil and that they are injured by frost, so the best time for planting them is between May and July. Then, you will have them ready for October.

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4. Taking care of kids

Trick and treat game is quite popular among kids (especially in the US). On October 31st night, it is usual to see many children just going around the neighbourhood asking for candies wearing nice costumes. Many parents take care of their children while they knock at the neighbours’ doors, however sometimes none of them can accompany them. That is the moment when they need a babysitter: to go with their kids along the streets. This is also an easy way to make money in few hours that you should consider if you like kids and you have experience being a babysitter. It will be funny and sometimes you can get sweets too.

5. Decorating houses and shops 

Transforming your cozy home into a haunted house can not be so difficult if you love and have fun decorating. Just buy some decoration stuff and prove your creativity and imagination making up some new ideas for Halloween. This would be an inspiration for your friends and family when they visit you. Maybe, they will be so impressed that they would ask you to decorate their homes just the same as yours. Obviously, you will charge for that and become an expert. Hopefully, the next time you are able to decorate shops and malls and charge much higher for it.