8 Hilarious Ecards About Self-Employment

They will make your day!

We are living in a super digitalized era, where almost anything is possible. We can start business in a day, go insanely creative, connect with almost anyone and be extremely productive. And all happens thanks to Internet.

Since Internet is giving us all the online opportunities we need, many of us start using it for only one thing: start business and become self-employed. The number of people, who see the potential in becoming self-employed by using Internet, has been growing rapidly, so has been the number of success stories.

This digital self- employment is thus the latest trend due to the advantages it brings. The advantages are really appealing, as they do not only allow people to have a more balanced life, but they also generate the opportunity to work from home with flexible working hours.

So in order to grab your attention to this new way of self-employment, we have collected some funny Ecards that explain it in the best way.

One side note about Ecards is that you can actually customize your own funny Ecards and start sending them to your readers, fans or followers if you already own an online business, such as a blog. In this way, you will definitely improve your customer service and win the hearts of your followers!


1964f 55b 2cff 8f 4175a 939166e 4dd 4a8(Home is the best workplace!)

5fda 856b 8fd 8925def 174fa 51de 9b 91d(Being your own boss might be the best part!)

Eda 20893a 707512b 62f 2b 09dd 36395db(No pants needed while working from home!)

Not -everyone -is -meant -to -be -self -employed -some -people -just -need -the -structure -of -a -boss -telling -them -what -to -and -how -to -do -it -9157a _787x 551 (1) (1) (1)

(You can always choose the right side!)

Last -day -of -christmas -holidays -oh -no -wait -im -self -employed -cdb 0e _789x 552 (1)

(You can decide the length of your holiday)

1339033506088_110008_788x 552 (1) (1) (1)

(Sometimes, things might get tough, though)

3a 8b 6e 69152259411ad 514e 5f 42359d1(There are some disadvantages too)

540f 540ccd 2e 9f 841343886030142547(But nothing beats the comfortableness of being self-employed, working from home and having a #flexjob)