The Ultimate Freelancing Guide

Fresh Facts about the Freelancing Industry

Recent studies have found out that 53 million people are doing freelance work in the US. This counts for around 34% of the total workforce. Even those who are not yet doing it are considering it, either because of the appeal of extra money or due to the flexibility it brings. But what are the characteristics of this industry, how long does it take to find projects and is it something for you? Check out our facts to find out!

Ever wondered how difficult it is to find new projects? Interestingly enough, more than half of freelancers stated that it takes 3 days or less. Yes, you need to be organized, have a good network and a clean reputation, and put in the effort to find new customers yourself. But this type of employment brings great benefits.

We have also collected the most common challenges and potential disadvantages, in order to offer you a full overview of this industry. Being informed is the first step. Then, with a good plan and by following our 5 tips for success, you have the base for a brilliant freelancing career.

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Designed by Diana and Oana.


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