Get the most out of online surveys

Online surveys - What are they good for?

All the hype that has been created around them is because of their ability to target specific target groups and consumer type. Contrary to ordinary questionnaires, they allow a bigger reach of potential consumers against a lower cost. In the eyes of people, having loads of free time, it is a fast and efficient way to gain money against time spent.

How do online surveys look like? 

The online survey is a form of a basic questionnaire, completed via the Internet. It revolves around a topic that the company is interested in (e.g. launching a new product, consumer behavior research) and is usually targeted at the potential consumers of the product/service. Moreover, the respondents are rewarded with a monetary or any other prize in order to be motivated to answer genuinely.

Online surveys can be most efficient when made simple, not exceeding 15 questions, so they can be completed in a short time and using simple language and answer options. The most important thing to remember when making a survey is that the core of it should be the respondent so it should be understandable for them.

How can sitting on your couch get you money?

Completing online surveys is perfect for earning some extra cash when needed and nothing but your time and computer is required. Nowadays, the concept is developed to the point when people are gaining regular profit from it, by registering in certain survey platforms.

If you are a person above at least 15 years old and willing to spare some time and provide some information about yourself (e.g. age, sex, country, etc.), online surveys are perfect for you! The whole process is simple- you register on platform website, fill out one-time form regarding your information and start filling out. The registration is free and after subscribing for new surveys, you will literally have money flowing at you by e-mail!

As a panelist, your answers and opinions will remain confidential and the only requirement is that you answer to the questions in the most genuine way possible. After completing a survey you're up for a prize or money, which the platform survey website rewards you with.

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How can online surveys boost your business?

If you are a company and want to launch a new product, want to expand your business to another country or just something is going wrong and you feel like you need a new strategy, you could earn a big time benefit from online surveying.

The method provides a new way of reaching consumers, easier data collection and analyzing. Nowadays, you can also easily interact with your respondent, using pictures, videos and even games in your survey. There are many methods to drag the respondent's attention which would create a "relationship" between the two sides. Response rates are higher than almost every other primary research method and it is a convenient way for customers to express their opinions due to its flexibility.

Online surveys-beneficial to everyone

Why are they the best choice for you?

If you're a person:

  • Freedom- you can do it whenever and wherever is comfortable for you
  • Confidentiality- nothing you say will ever be publicly exposed
  • Ease of use- you won't have to do anything but think of an answer and click on it, thanks to the friendly interface of the survey
  • Credibility- you will get rewarded for your efforts on every taken survey
  • No requirements- you can be any person, with any background, educational or otherwise and you need absolutely no skills to participate
  • No cost- taking surveys is entirely free

If you're a business:

  • Less resources- you won't need to spend huge amounts of money on focus groups or other kind of research
  • Less time- fast gathering and analysis of collected data
  • Precision- more specific target group and ability to diverse questions for different segments
  • Possible innovation- you can alter your survey in any way and provide methods of attracting attention
  • Easy to obtain- if you cannot conduct the survey on your own, there are tons of agencies ready to help you

Meeting mutual expectations

You may be wondering right now, this sounds so perfect, where's the catch? But the thing is that panelists and companies have created a co-dependency within themselves. The companies are willing to pay as much as it takes to get the consumer's opinion and people are ready to fill out as many surveys as possible to gain profit. The method is of importance to both parties and they would work in unison to achieve their mutual goals.