How to Earn Money in Retirement

5 simple ways to earn money when you are 60s or 70s

When you are retired from job, you will probably want to spend time with your family and friends, doing everything that you could not in the past, due to the lack of time. For example, traveling or indulging your loved ones with gifts. However, it may arise to your mind: how to afford all what you wish without a monthly salary? Maybe your retirement plan would not cover all your expenses. If this is your case, it is important to know that it is not necessarily true that after you are retired, you will not earn money anymore. All you need is to be opened to new ideas and have an entrepreneurial spirit to try some ways to earn money again. Check out these suggestions and get motivation to find your own path for earning money.


1. Being a consultant

After you worked over 30 years or more in one specific field or market, surely you dominate it and have plenty of experience to share with others. So, why not becoming a consultant for companies, charge for your opinion and advice and earn money at the same time. Probably, it would take some time to find clients, but you can start offering your work to your former employers. In addition, spread the word within your friends and family network. They may know somebody that would need your help.

2. Taking online surveys

When people are retired from job, they usually spend much time at home. What about spending it wisely taking paid online surveys? They are easy and fast. All you have to do is sign up, fill in a form with your personal data, confirm your registration through the email and take as many surveys as you wish. You can earn money, as well as points and gift cards. Remember that you should only take those ones where your profile matches and answer the questions honestly since market researchers are trying to get real information for improving their products or launching new ones.

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3. Walking a dog

If you enjoy the company of the man's best friend, you will have fun (and earn money!) when you walk your family’s, friends’ or neighbours’ dog. In fact, it can be healthy also for you to exercise, just having a walk around the park for an hour. Remember always to have the dog leashed, so it can not run away. Moreover, it is recommendable to walk dogs you can handle. If you are strong enough to be in control of a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd Dog, that's awesome. Otherwise if you prefer to manage smaller ones, you always have the opportunity to walk puppies. Any breed at any age should need to have fresh air in opened areas.

4. Mastering your DIY passion

If you are a skilled handy woman/man and love to create DIY projects, you have a chance to transform your hobby into a business. You can continue investing time trying to restore that old furniture or lamp, but now you are going to earn money. That’s sounds good, right? Create a blog or a Facebook page, so you can offer your ideas and items and be in contact with your customers easily. If you are a dedicated DIY entrepreneur, you will earn money with you creativity very fast.

5. Taking care of children 

Probably you have had kids when you were young and now you are a grandparent, so you know exactly what you should do when they disobey or are out of control. Why don't take advantage of all those years of parenthood taking care of children and earn money for that? Usually, parents need somebody to stay with their kids when they just want to go out at night. Sure, you can spend time with them reading a fairy tale, preparing some cookies together and taking them to bed.

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