5 Movies to Watch for Entrepreneurs

Is entrepreneurship around your mind? Check out these movie recommendations.

Are you starting your own business and become an entrepreneur next year? Have you saved some money to launch your new career and be your own boss? Are you tired of your 9-to-5 schedule at job and planning to find another job that allows working from home? If you say yes to one of these questions, so you might be willing to watch one of the 5 movies that SurveyBee recommends you before the year 2015 finishes. We are sure that they are going to motivate and inspire you to find not only your new professional path, but also success during the next year. Grab some popcorn or snacks, lie on your couch or bed and look for these movies on Netflix. We assure you that you will have a great time and they will give you some life lessons.

1. The Pursuit of Happiness

This movie is based in a true story about Christopher Gardner. He invested much money on buying special equipment for physicians that he should sell to earn money. Unfortunately, he faced many struggles during this period: his wife left him, he was kicked off from his apartment, and he must afford his son’s expenses without having a job. However, he found a hope in the middle of this failure by getting a non-paid internship for 6 months as a stockbroker. After this period of time, only one of many interns would be hired. Finally, he succeeded and after many years he founded his own stock brokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co.
Why is worthy to watch it? Definitely, this movie encourages to follow our dreams and aims, regardless of the problems we may get during the journey. And as an entrepreneur, we assure you that you will have some difficult moments. The key is to keep on going with your wishes.

 The _pursuit _of _happyness -HD

2. Rocky

For sure the best movie of Rocky was the first one since it is when you meet Rocky Balboa, the main character, and his dreams of being the best box player of the world. He worked as a collector for a loan shark and fought in sleazy clubs for low-paid reward. Accompanied always by his girlfriend Adrian, who later married with him, he surpassed many obstacles to show himself and his friends that he could become the best box player of USA and the world.
Why is worthy to watch it? Because it shows how anybody, no matter his condition or limitations, can improve and become the best one if he really believes in himself and loves what he does. And that exactly what an entrepreneur needs to find success in his business: passion and a lot of work.


3. Social Network

It is about the creation of the most popular social network, Facebook. It all started when Mark Zuckerberg developed it in 2003, when he was a student at Harvard University, in his dorm. With the help of some of his friends, he created a new way to communicate in the 21st century. The success of Facebook ran fast and impressively got thousands of users, as well as some enemies and legal complications. Now, Mark Zuckerberg is 31 years old and is one of the 10 youngest millionaires around the world. His fortune is calculated around US$ 35.7 billion.
Why is worthy to watch it? It is always possible to begin a project from the scratch and change the lives of millions of people around the word. If you are an entrepreneur, you should never minimize your new and creative ideas since they can turn out to be a real breakthrough.

Social Network 

4. Jerry Maguire 

Jerry Maguire was a successful sports agent who had a beautiful girlfriend, many friends and the best clients. However, when he decided to propose new ideas to his company, he was fired and lost everything. Suddenly, all his success disappeared in a blink. Only one good client, the football player Rod Tidwell, stayed with him. So, passing through this tough experience, Jerry learned what it really mattered in his personal and professional life and he could resurrect his career.
Why is worthy to watch it? It is never too late to think about what you really want in your professional life. So, if you always have an entrepreneurial soul and want to have your own business, just do it. Nobody says that it would be easy, but at least you would have tried.

 Jerry Maguire

5. MoneyBall

This movie is about Oakland A baseball team and its general manager Billy Beane. The team suffered financial problems to retain its players and not let them go to bigger baseball teams.To face this situation Billy Beane created a winning team considering a short budget.
Why is worthy to watch it? As an entrepreneur sometimes you should achieve great results, innovating and thinking out of the box, with very few resources. This movie will show you how.