5 Tips to Keep You Motivated When You Work From Home

Make the Most of Your Home-Based Job

Having a traditional job with a 9-5 work schedule is becoming less and less appealing for employees all over the world. The same daily routine seems to be the opposite of productivity, as modern employees start engaging in home-based projects for their work. The flexibility of working from home is much desired by every employee, but there are also other aspects that make this type of work attractive. Planning your own activities and budget, not wasting time to commute to work, being independent and having more personal time are only some of them.

Even so, many people are scared to leave a stable job and start an independent project of their liking. The most common problems that come to mind when we think about working from home are related to self-discipline and lack of motivation.

While setting up a successful routine for this type of work may be a challenge at first, many people have succeeded. Only in the US, there are about 53 million freelancers, according to a recent study by Freelancers Union.

If you want to also be part of this community, here are the best tips to get you motivated when you work from home:

Tips For Motivation


1.Set a working schedule and add it in your calendar

Even though working from home means having a flexible schedule, don’t underestimate the power of an organized working routine. Remember, this type of work is all about self-discipline, so set some deadlines for yourself and make a plan for your working hours. Update your calendar with all this information and always use it as your planning tool. This way you will avoid both slacking and overworking.

2.Get dressed for work even if you don’t leave the house

Another useful tip for motivation is to avoid working in your pyjamas or your comfortable sweatpants. We know, this is a huge temptation when you work from home, but studies have shown that dressing up improves your productivity and puts you in the mood to work. There is no need to put on a very formal attire, just a regular day outfit that you would wear outside the house..

3.Do physical activity- go to the gym or work out at home

One of the most important things to consider as a home based worker is to stay active. Being in the house too much may put you at risk to become sedentary, which may lead to lack of motivation and health problems. Avoid this by taking a break to go to the gym or doing some exercise at home. If you don’t have too much time at hand, go outside for a short jog or walk and you will still boost your energy levels.

4.Socialize and network

One of the dangers of working from home is becoming too isolated, since you don’t have the social environment of a regular job in a company. This is why you have to put some effort into socializing. Try to set regularly meetings with friends and sign up for different events in your industry. Networking is also important, as it can help you find clients for your business or other types of work opportunities.

5.Set a special office space

Among the factors that influence your productivity, the working environment is also very important. The more your work space resembles a regular office, the better. Of course, you don’t have to set up a cubicle in your home, but an organized space with your computer and the other resources that you need is a great idea. It helps you keep things in order and stay focused on your work.


So when your motivation is running low, keep in mind this words of advice and reap all the benefits of working from home!