Best 7 Holiday Songs to Listen to when Working from Home

Bring up the Christmas Mood

Yes, it’s the time of the year when you should be running around buying last-minute Christmas gifts and planning meals with your family. However, you are stuck working from home, and don’t feel jolly at all. Why not try some Christmas songs to bring up your mood and improve your work from home experience?

It may be that you have some last minute work to do, or that you need to finish the yearly budgets. Regardless of what keeps you late into the holidays working from home, you can still make the most out of this time of the year. And the sooner you get things done, the earlier you get to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

We have selected some Christmas classics that will motivate you when working from home, while still reminding you that it’s a special time of the year. So turn up the volume, finish your work and then enjoy these holidays!


#1 Frosty the Snowman

If Frosty feels the Christmas magic and goes dancing around, so can you. This song should put a smile on your face when you’re working from home. You can even take a break to enjoy the tunes, and reflect on the magic of Christmas.

#2 Run Rudolph Run

The energy in this song is unique, and it’s exactly when you need when feeling low or not motivated, while working from home. This song is encouraging the famous reindeer to run faster and help Santa, so you might get inspired to fulfill your tasks in no time!

#3 Santa Baby

The classic Santa Baby has a groovy mood going on. Touching the hidden gluttony in all of us, this song will get you dreaming of all the things you can buy with the money you made, working from home this Christmas.

#4 Let it Snow

What is better than a warm, cozy afternoon working from home, while snow is slowly falling outside your window? This song will surely set the holiday mood on, and if the weather gods are generous, you might even get real snowflakes outside.


#5 Jingle Bell Rock

For the rebel in you, jingle bell rock is a more animated option to the classic ‘Jingle Bells’. This song guarantees a good mood and drive for your work. So you can rock the night away working from home.

#6 Sleigh Ride

One of the most joyful songs out there, Sleigh Ride has a happy vibe and will surely offer you a boost of energy. Maybe you’re not the type to wander out in the snow, but the rhythm of this one will surely make you smile while working from home.

#7 Do They Know it’s Christmas

Finally, we are sure you were very hard working this year. You also pushed through these days, and worked from home until now. It’s maybe time to take a break, put the last decorations on your Christmas tree and have a glass of hot wine, to reward yourself for all your accomplishments. Happy Holidays!