How to Brand Yourself when Making Money Online

Get your name out there!

Tip 1 # Clean up your personal public profiles

Once you become a public person, your potential clients or partners will Google you. To work and to make money online is a tricky business, still regarded as risky for many, so your customers will try to find out the most they can about you beforehand, in order to decide how trustworthy you are. One of the first things they will see is your Facebook page, so make sure it’s up to date and does not contain pictures you wouldn’t want your new customer to see. If you still want to keep your party pictures, at least make sure you adjust your privacy settings. The same applies for Twitter, Instagram and any other public social networks you may use. You will not be making money online anytime soon, if the information your customers can find the easiest contains pictures of you after 3 beers last Friday.


Tip 2 # Create a well-designed website that fulfills consumer needs

If you want to make money online, you need to have a personalized and easy to reach website. The design means a lot, as many users will make an opinion on how trustworthy you are after the first seconds. Information should be easy to find, well linked and visually appealing. As people are constantly bombarded with information, you will be making money online soon if you become better and faster than others at fulfilling their needs. If they cannot find what they are looking for quickly, they will move to the next option.

Tip 3 # Storytelling when making money online

Another important characteristic of your website is storytelling. How would you make money online, if consumers don’t recognize, remember and recommend you? Make sure to build a relationship with your visitors by telling your story on your website. Be as personal as it is appropriate, share interesting and specific stories that nobody else knows, and engage your users. In this way, they will be more likely to connect with you and remember your brand.


Tip 4 # Social media for business networking

No, social media is not only for attention-seeking teenagers in need for approval. Although Facebook and Instagram can sometimes disclose too much insight into users’ private life, social media is still a very powerful tool when you want to make money online. LinkedIn is perceived as the most professional of them all, so use it in order to make business contacts and present yourself in a good light to potential clients, as it shows up first in search results, even before Facebook. Getting involved in groups and discussions, publishing relevant articles and getting introduced to relevant people in your industry is a great door-opener. Making money online is tough on your own, so gain some allies on the way, share your experience, ask for advice and learn!

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Tip 5 # Social media to engage with customers

Facebook is the clear leader of the market, and you should definitely make a trustworthy page. A clean presence and many likes increase your credibility, and thus your chances of making money online. Even if it may seem too personal, many businesses are present on Facebook, since it is still the easiest way to connect with your community, post news, pictures, contests, share relevant information and build relationships with clients. Keep it clean and engaging, post regularly and encourage others to take action. Finally, its marketing tools and advertisement opportunities can help you reach new, specific markets and make money online.


Depending on your market, Twitter can also be a good idea, as it’s a great way to increase awareness about your brand. By tweeting interesting content regularly and using hash tags properly, you can quickly get known and build a community of followers, which will lead to making more money online.

Lastly, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are growing rapidly, as consumers become more time-conscious, and an image can say more than a thousand words. Easier to grasp, share and like, images are very popular. You can increase your chances of getting known and making money online by being active on these platforms as well. The more channels you use to engage with your potential consumers, the better your chances of succeeding are.