5 Ways to Save and Get Healthier

Would you like to easily save money and improve your health? If yes, then read on!

It’s January, it’s cold outside and chances are, that like me, you have indulged during the festive season in the past month. So, how about following these five tips, which are easy to follow and very rewarding? I guarantee your wallet will get bigger and your waistline slimmer:


1. Take your bicycle to work:

Yes, I know it’s cold, but the benefits of cycling to work far outweighs its downsides. Your body will thank you for it. Your wallet will thank you for it. No excuses! You’ll arrive at work feeling more than ready for the day after the brisk exercise. And, when you think of all the public transport fares you are saving, you’ll never look back!


2. Invest in a travel coffee mug:

Forget all about standing in lines and paying far too much money for coffee on the go. Yes, I know coffee shops are tempting, the smell of freshly brewed coffee...but keep your eyes on the prize and let’s save some money!
Modern travel coffee mugs are brilliant at keeping its content warm for hours, and you can make it exactly how you like it. You can make sure to add your preferred dairy product, syrups and sweeteners. Homemade is good for you and much cheaper. Let’s start saving!


3. Keep a list of your fridge contents:

Most households throw out a lot of the food they buy. In fact, the UN reports that around US$1 trillion worth of is wasted in either production and consumption systems worldwide (http://www.worldfooddayusa.org/food_waste_the_facts). The reasons for this are various: forgetting what we have in our fridge, buying too much, letting items expire their best before dates and so on. This is a real shame, throwing food out is not only bad for the environment, but also for our wallets. A simple way to remember what you already have at home is to either keep a list on your phone and/or take pictures of your fridge and food cabinets. This is really useful and will help you optimise your food budget.

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4. Invite friends to your house instead of going out:

Going out can be expensive, so why not host an evening at home for your friends? You will be able to plan how much you can spend in advance of the evening, and also ask each friend to contribute with an item. This is also great for avoiding impulse purchases which can include less healthier choices. Send those invitations out!


5. Sell things that you don’t use:

Clear out your closets and get rid of everything you have not used in the past year. Sell whatever you can online and/or donate to good causes. This might not only make you some money, but will also make you feel proud of yourself. Extra cash and extra closet space might be a result of this exercise!


These five very simple tips are guaranteed to help you beat the winter blues and see your bank balance grow. Why not get started right now?