Benefits From Working From Home

You'll be surprised, but it's becoming more and more common.

Working from home could be a great experience. The key elements to make it work depend on your character and your organization skills. If it’s something that you could enjoy, then there are many benefits to work from home.


You are your own boss and you can decide which days to work and which days to rest. You could choose to maybe work during the weekends because you have more time and have Thursdays and Fridays off. You also decide when to work, if the mornings or the afternoons. Maybe you like to dedicate mornings to yourself (go to the gym, socialize…) and work in the afternoons since your productivity is higher after lunch time.

Choose location

Anywhere could be your working area. You maybe prefer to lie on the couch, sit in the kitchen, go to a café or stay in a library. It is completely up to you. You could change location every day if you wanted, although it is recommendable to create for yourself a nice “office environment”. Let’s say you like to go to a café, in that case pick one that is kind of quiet, not too noisy, that has comfy chairs and try to always sit in the same spot.

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Happy life

Studies show that a 34% of people across Europe would prefer a lower paying job if they could do it from home. In the UK the numbers raise up to a 39% of people that agrees with the previous statement. Just choose whatever makes you happy, because at the need it is a win-win situation. You will be happy because you can work from home, therefore your productivity will rise and your employer will be happy about your results.

Environmentally friendly

Having to commute by car to go to work is a constant source of pollution. People working from home can reduce up to 83 tons of CO2 during their entire working life, crazy right!? On top of that driving every day means a lot of money that is going down on petrol and I am sure you could find better ways to invest it.

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Better for you health

By working from home you will avoid a lot of stress and you will have extra time to take care of yourself. Also people that work in an office are exposed to more stressful situations, and people that commute even more. Another benefit is that by working from home you can avoid having to live close to a big city with all the downsides that it implies for your health.

Of course it is not all benefits, there are some risks. For example not knowing when to stop working and end up working all the day, feeling lonely, failing on separating work and private life, people not taking your job serious, etc. But, as said at the start of this post, it is a matter of knowing if you have the right skills and character, and the most important one, wanting to do it.