Is Working from Home Right for You?

Check out our guide and find out if earning a living from your house is right for you.

Working at a company requires most of us to be present at the office during business hours. Depending on your job, flexibility in relation to working hours might be possible. Many of us dream of earning from home.

Some professions need the employee to be present at the place of business. Jobs which offer face-to-face customer contact are impossible to move to a home setting. Management positions also require a lot of personal interaction and might be difficult to make a switch.

For many other job types, where most of the work can be undertaken by phone and email; a home office might be a fit. Technology such as shared drives, make it possible for co-workers to stay connected and collaborate 24/7.

Here are a few issues which could be worth exploring before deciding if to work from home is right for you:

Do you struggle getting up in the morning?

Snoozing the alarm and turning around to get more minutes of sleep in the morning could be a sign that you need flexible hours. Some people thrive best when given the freedom to produce at any time of the day, without a schedule.

Are you more productive in a quiet environment?

If you feel let down by a noisy work environment filled by colleagues phone conversations; then working from home could be a positive move. It is very individual but many people feel annoyed and even stressed out by noise at the workplace.

Will you be able to keep the discipline required?

With no colleagues around, it might be tempting to start the day by browsing non-work related materials. Here, making a schedule and keeping organised are fundamental to succeed.

Lady -sitting -by -window -with -computer

Do you have a private space to work at?

If you share your space, it might be worth considering if you are going to be alone during your planned work hours. Flatmates could become a problem by dropping by and interrupting your good work intentions.

Will you miss out?

By not being present at the company, you might miss out on spontaneous conversations about work. It is worth considering past work situations. A combination of home office and business office could also be an option.

Are you ready?

Start by making a list of pros and cons in relation to work from home as opposed to working at the office. Have an honest conversation with your manager and weigh your options. Think carefully and take your time.

Working from home can be a rewarding experience but takes planning and re-thinking routines. Although, many dream of working from the comfort of their homes, it might not be right for everyone.