How to Beat the Afternoon Slump When Making Money From Home

Read on if you would like to energies your afternoon when making money from home.

We have all been there. It’s after lunch, there are still several hours of work before we can call it a day. Your energy levels are low. And to top it all, it’s the middle of the winter and you have no idea when you last saw a sunny sky.

When you work from home it is even more important to keep energy levels high. Being your own boss has its advantages. One of them is that it is possible to plan and schedule your work and tasks.

There are many things which can be done to prevent the dreaded afternoon slump, when making money from home. Below are a few tips to prevent you from feeling tired and keep your productivity levels high. Go on, give it a try.

Follow These 6 Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity When Making Money From Home


Change The Scenario

Most of us work with laptops which provide a lot of flexibility in regards to where we work. So, why not move about the house and try different sitting arrangements? Depending on the task to be performed, you could even choose the couch.      

Take a Break

One of the main advantages of making money from home is that you can make your own hours. If possible schedule a longer lunch break. Walk around the block, run an errant, chat to your neighbor. The important thing is to keep motivation levels up!  

Schedule tasks which require moving about

Keep dynamic tasks such as filing and organising for the afternoon. Start on these as soon as you feel your energy levels drop. Getting it all done before the day is done will feel oh so very satisfying!

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Make an Appointment

Keep the hours after lunch for meetings and conference calls whenever possible. This will ensure a few dynamic hours of social interaction. We are less likely to feel sleepy and tired when together with others.  

Take Your Calls Outside

Need to make calls? Take your mobile to an outside area of your home and enjoy some fresh air while still being productive. If possible, try and move about when talking. If the sun is out, ENJOY!  

Keep Hydrated

Poor hydration is one of the top reasons why many of us feel tired. In fact, 1 in 5 of us do not realise that we are not drinking enough fluids. Dehydration symptoms also include headaches.

When making money from home, make sure to avoid the afternoon slump. By changing a few routines you will be able to work smarter and effectively. Good luck!