How to Fight Loneliness Whilst Working From Home

Do you sometimes miss having colleagues?

Feel Better When Working From Home By Yourself


Dress Yourself Like If Your Are Going To Work.

This is not directly related to the topic of this post, but it helps to create a nice working mood and routine. By getting up, jumping in the shower, getting dressed and maybe having a nice breakfast you are already putting yourself in the mood of doing some work.  It also creates a routine that you’ll follow every day. Routines are the key to work from home, because staying in your dressing gown and with your slippers on, is not as nice as it sounds.

Try To Break The Silence From Time to Time 

Of course there is time for peace and quiet, but from time to time try to introduce some music or noise into your work environment. You could open a window, listen to music, put YouTube videos on or the news in the background. By introducing those elements in the atmosphere you’ll feel less isolated in the bubble of your house.


The good thing about working from home is that you decide where you want to work. Let’s say you would like to travel around during the summer or you would like to visit friends and family for a period, you could still work no matter where you go. As long as you stay organized and find time to do your job you’ll be fine. So don’t stay at home feeling lonely, the world is wide open for you!

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After Work Plans


Participate In Forums

It is nice to participate in forums related to your industry. It is a good way to share experiences and opinions about your job and also learn about others. It is not the same thing as going into social media, because this would be just people from your industry, so it is not about socializing on a personal level but on a professional one.

Make Plans For Later

When spending many hours working from home it is important to make sure you make plans for after. You should plan activities that have nothing to do with your work, try to spend time with friends, family or even new people. Set a weekly schedule with all the activities you are planning to do; going to the cinema, doing exercise, visiting a gallery, going for walks, etc. Another good option is to join a team or group that share a common interest, which will help you meet new people and also push you to get out of the house.

Change Environment

From time to time, maybe once a week, plan to work away from home. A very common option between freelancers is cafes. Some of them have very nice couches and good Wi-Fi connection. By introducing this element in your routine you’ll become a regular customer and eventually it will feel like you created your own office environment.

Invite People Around

Working from home for a whole week, even more if you live alone, can be quite tough during break times. A good thing to do is to try to invite people around for lunch or even just to pop around the neighbours for a chat. Nothing satisfies our need for social interaction better than real human contact. Social Media channels are great but don't count!