The 6 Freedoms of Working from Home

Dreaming of working from home and the freedom that it might bring? Read on.

It is possible to work full-time from home. About 13% of the UK workforce works from home. The majority of the people who work from home are self-employed and in average they earn really well.


For many others, making their own hours and being able to control exactly when they work is a dream. Daydreaming of working from home occurs quite often when we are frustrated in our routine. The thought might pop up on a cold Monday morning or a specially long or wet commute.


Even if you are in a job where it seems impossible to work from home, it could be beneficial to discuss your options with your manager. A compromise could be the key. Two days at home and three at the office? Or three at home and two at the office? It could make sense.

Here are six freedoms which working from home could bring you


#1 Freedom to Exercise

We all know how important exercising is to our health. We should all squeeze some active time into our daily routine. Many of us will have a specific time of the day in which we would prefer to move about. Early morning, lunch-time, late afternoons or evenings. When you work from home it is possible to schedule your time and make sure you never miss a good workout.

#2 Freedom to be WIth Your Pet

If you own a dog or cat, you have probably experienced that leaving your house in the morning can be an ordeal. Leaving pets alone can be stressful, especially if they are anxious. Working from home means your pet is with you for most of the day reducing uneasiness and improving the pet’s life quality. 

#3 Freedom to Eat When You Are Hungry

When working at an office setting most people keep to the same schedule as everybody else. But what if it is lunchtime and you are not hungry? Working from home allows you to plan to eat whenever you feel most hungry.


Laptop _lady _living _room

#4 Freedom to Move About 

Sometimes all you need is a little change of scenery to become more productive. Moving your laptop around with you throughout the day can help you produce more. This is possible in a home setting. Choosing the couch for emailing and the table for that excel report could prove to be very valuable.

#5 Freedom to Work at Your Own Pace

Setting the time for your work in accordance to your pace is very satisfying. Some of us enjoy working really early in the morning whilst others are real night owls. When working from home it is possible to schedule your working time to fit your own preference.

#6 Freedom to Make Personal Calls

Some conversations are better kept private. This can be difficult to maintain when working in an office. We are all bound to receive personal calls which need attention. Also, many calls which we are sometimes required to make are quite personal. Reaching your doctor’s surgery or podiatrist during working hours become really easy when working from home.

So, whether you are already working from home or dreaming about it, we hope this lists was motivating to you.