Where Is The Trap With Paid Surveys?

Learn what paid surveys are.

There is something undeniable: The Internet is full of scams. Whenever you see “easy money”, “fast money” or something similar, you should be aware that it could be a scam. Having said this, not every offer about earning money online is dodgy; it’s a matter of looking into the details of the offer to not get tricked.

At first glance if you never heard about paid online surveys the most likely thing to think is that it is a scam or that there is a catch somewhere. It is an understandable initial reaction, but it is a mistake. 

Everything You Need to Know About Paid Surveys


What is Paid Surveys?

It’s basically a way to get extra cash working from home at the pace and at the time that best suit you.  The rewards for answering a survey are not only money; you can also get gift cards, sweepstakes and gift certificates. And you choose the kind and amount of surveys that you want to answer.

Why Do They Pay Me?

Companies need to understand what people think of their products and services. For example, if one of their products is not having the expected success, the company is going to want to know what went wrong. The way to know that is by asking people out there, “why?” and the way they do this is through surveys.

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How Does It Work?

It is as straightforward as it sounds.  Basically, you sign up in our website for free. As soon as you click on “Choose survey sites”, you will  be presented with all the panels, then you choose the ones that you find more interesting or the ones which you prefer the rewards.

Who Am I Working for?

Even though you sign up  on our page, we are an online portal to companies  who are running these surveys. So, what we do is to try to find people interested in working from home for them. We do also have a blog full of tips and best practices to work from home.

What Happens After Signing Up?

You’ll receive a confirmation email saying that you signed up and listing the panels which you have chosen. From this point on you’ll receive emails informing you about news surveys you could take. You’ll have a profile where you can log in and there you’ll have access to the surveys.

A couple fundamental tips to avoid online scams 


#1 Avoid suspicious designs

If a website suffers from poor design or multiple pop-up windows, it might not be a legitimate one.

#2 Don’t send money

If they ask you for money don’t trust them, they are the ones supposed to be paying, not you.