Enjoy St. Patrick's Day and Make It To Work The Day After

Time to celebrate all things Irish!

Yes! Finally, St.Patrick's day is getting close. If you are anything like us in the Surveybee Team, you’ve been looking forward to it. Or more like, counting the days and nights before this fun celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day is the one day where people across the world celebrate irish culture. Also, it’s a great excuse to party like the Irish. And boy, do they know how to party! Here’s our quick guide to help you enjoy it to the full, whilst ensuring your job does not suffer:


Festival, parade, irish dancers down the pub. Fun, fun fun. This is the day. The green decorations, the traditional irish songs and off course the drinks! Even if Guinness is not your thing, the atmosphere down the pub is bound to make you feel like dancing.


Plan where to go. Find out by searching online what events are happening near you. Some towns will plan different kind of events tailored to suit everyone.


St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday, March the 17th. (Some of the festivities take place on the Sunday before the actual day.)


Invite your partner, friends, colleagues, family, dog, cat and bird. As long as they are up for a good time, invite them. Make sure they are all well prepared in their green outfits. P.S. Boring people are not invited.

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Irish _flag


Get work out of the way by working extra hard and planning ahead. Put in a few extra hours when you can, and clear that to do list. On the day, choose a green top or accessory to wear. This can earn you many points. Not only will you feel ready to party, but who knows, it might even earn you a free drink or two down the pub.

Getting Home

Make sure to plan how to get home by making previous arrangements. This will not only take a load off your mind but it can also save you some money. Getting to bed on time will help you ensure a fresh mind at work after all that partying.


Remember the day after is a normal working day. Stocking up on some supplies to make the “day after” as smooth as possible is a great idea. Stock your fridge with all of your favorite hangover cures, both drinks and foods. Also, replenish your medicine cabinet with plenty of paracetamol.


So there you have it. A few tips to ensure great partying whilst still ensuring your job is well taken care of. From all of us here at the office:

Happy St. Patrick's day celebrations!