Freelancer Not Working From Home

Just because you are a freelancer, doesn’t mean you have to work from home.

The Internet has created a whole new job market, where going to the office everyday doesn’t make sense anymore. Thus, becoming a freelancer is getting more and more popular as well as common. However, the fact that going to the office isn’t a necessity anymore isn’t necessarily something positive.

To work from home might sound like the dream, but for some people it could be a nightmare. If you think about it, we spend about 10 years of our lives working, so it’s important to find the right work environment. Have you thought about working from a café?

Working from a café

For those who think that working from home would feel lonely and unsociable, going to a café is a great solution. In a café you’ll be surrounded by people and by activity in a similar way as if you were at the office, with the perk of not having to go the office every day.

Quiet or noisy?

Furthermore, it has been proven beneficial to have low levels of background noise in order to be more productive. Apparently, being in quiet or noisy environments could kill your creativity. You need to find that perfect balance between calm and fuss to get creativity going. And, surprisingly enough, cafés are perfect for it.

Fewer distractions

Choosing to work in a café would be less distracting than other options. At the office you’ll be interrupted by your colleagues because they want to ask you questions, take a break, go for a meeting, etc. At home you’ll be in a quiet environment, with no stimulus and you'll probably be ready to find a reason to procrastinate. In the café you get the benefit of human interaction but under your terms.

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Be a nice customer

You don’t want to be one of those annoying customers that sits in the same spot all day long, sucks the Wi-Fi and sips a coffee for hours. It is in your own benefit to create a nice atmosphere where you feel comfortable. My advice is to engage with the coffee shop employees and to buy food and drinks throughout the day.

Avoid boring routines

Visit different cafés. You could work in the mornings in one and in the afternoons in another one. Or maybe rotate every second day to a different location. Otherwise your working environment will become predictable, and that’s productivity’s and creativity’s worst enemy.

Sense of community

By creating a daily routine in one or two cafés (or maybe even more, the number doesn’t matter) you’ll become a regular! This will meet your needs of socializing and feeling part of something, but at the same time there is no obligation.

Still not convinced about this idea?

In that case here you have some other good reasons:

  • Working at a café doesn’t feel like work.
  • Caffeine everywhere!
  • Food will come to you, no need of leaving your chair.
  • No worries about tidying up.
  • Possibility of meeting unexpected people.