6 Interesting Facts About UK Home Workers

Working from home became more and more popular through the last years. UK participated in this new change and increased considerably the amount of people switching the office for their homes.

The amount of home workers has increased gradually, but the most attractive is that home workers earn almost £3 per hour more than people working inside an office. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Regarding the gender, male are taking more home jobs, while only a 35% of UK home workers are women. Also 67% of the total home workers are self-employed, which means that every time more people is daring to start their own business.

Non-home workers are working some more weekly hours than people who work from home.

In relation to the different ages of people working from home, 51,5% of the total amount of people working from home in the UK are in their middle age.

This new working style is becoming popular in the UK due to the convenience of doing it from home and having personalized working sketches.



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