10 Jobs For Students to Make Money Online

The Internet is an endless source of options to make money online

Are you one of those students that need some extra cash and you don’t know how to get it? Don’t complain and take action! You maybe don’t know how to do it, but come on have a look online! You don’t even need to leave your room before you can start making money online.

Take a Look to These Good Job Opportunities For Making Mony Online.


#1 Fill Out Online Surveys

Companies are in constant need of information about how customers perceive their products/services: what they like about them, what they dislike, how to improve customer satisfaction, etc. In order to get this information they will pay to encourage people to sign-up for the surveys. As simple as it seems! The only things you need are a laptop, Internet connection, some spare time and an opinion. Check online surveys!

#2 Perform Paid Administrative Work

If you have basic computer skills and don't mind doing repetitive work, you may be able to find work stuffing envelopes, doing data entry, or working as a telemarketer from your home.

#3 E-bay

Selling things on E-bay is extremely easy and a good way to make some pocket money. For example, by selling old clothes that doesn’t fit you anymore. You could even purchase your friends and family’s old clothes and sell them and still make a profit. It’s just a matter of being creative. Depending on the amount of time that you invest in it, you could actually be doing a reasonable income. 

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#4 Freelance Jobs

Freelance is a broad industry and there are many different jobs within it. I’ve chosen my three favourites:


If you like to write, this is a flexible option. You can write about anything that interests you. It takes a while to get it going and you need to invest a reasonable amount of time, but eventually it could become a steady salary.


Vlogs are basically a blog but instead of publishing articles you’ll be publishing videos, normally combined with text and images. It’s a good way to engage with viewers and it encourages a lot of interaction.


If you are good with languages this is a great opportunity. There are plenty of people asking for help with translating websites, documents, content, etc. There is plenty of work out there and it’s up to you deciding how much you are capable of taking care of.

#5 Online Tutoring Jobs

If you think that making money online implies having a lonely job, with no human interaction, then being an online tutor might be for you.  This concept is becoming quite popular and lots of new websites are emerging. Do you have people skills and patience? Then the only thing left to do is to find a website you like, sign up, create a profile and start working.

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#6 Sell Essays and Assignments

This might sound a bit weird but it’s perfectly fine to do it. There is actually several websites where you can offer your services or where students ask for help. The way it works is simple, you’ll be doing other students essays and assignments and getting paid for it. In this websites you can even earn a reputation for being good at a subject, being good with deadlines, good quality of work, good communication, etc.

#7 Create an App

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, gather with some friends (or by yourself), do some brainstorming and try to get a good idea. You’ll be surprised but the app world is endless and there are plenty of opportunities. Don’t think that you might not be good enough, your attitude and enthusiasm are vital.

#8 Second Hand Books

Every student knows how expensive college books are. A very common practice is to try to find an online alternative instead of going to the shop. The main issue is that you won’t always find the book you are looking for. What about you creating a website for trading books at your campus? It will take you some work, time, and help from your network to spread the word, but it could be a profitable business.

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#9 Design T-Shirts

Do you like graphic design or maybe have some basic designing skills? If the answer is yes, then you could consider making money online by creating unique designs for T-shirt stores. You’ll have your own subcategory in their website and a percentage of each T-shirt you sell goes to your pocket.

#10 Data Entry Online Jobs

For those with limited skills and no qualifications, I suggest data entry jobs. Everyone with a basic knowledge about computers and internet can easily do this job.