Funny Approach to Working From Home

Dedicated to all the people who work from home. Here’s a splash of reality!.

Working from home has many advantages. Spending more time with the people you love, saving money in commuting and deciding when to start and finish work. But are there only advantages to work from home?

Let’s face it, we can find some disadvantages when working from home. Since we do not have to show up in the office at a certain time, we can sleep a little longer. And we always do it. That is not an advantage at all. The earlier we start working, the sooner we will be done with all of our tasks.

Another disadvantage of working from home is working longer. Since we can work as many hours as necessary, we tend to finish working  late in the evening, and that removes part of our spare time.

Working _from _home

Spending more time with our family is great, but let’s organize the agenda. We need to be productive in our working hours. Thus, we should make our family understand the importance of not being distracted. We will offer them attention in our spare time. By organizing our daily agenda and respecting the established working hours we will achieve our goals and keep everybody happy.

What about pets? Sometimes pets do not even need to talk because we always know what they want. But they also understand when we are focused on something. Let them be around, their presence will decrease our stress and increase our happiness.
Dog owners will enjoy a walk in the street every once in awhile, and they will go back to work with renewed energy .
Cat owners, will have a fluffy colleague to cuddle when getting overstressed. But remember: you will only touch it if it allows you!

Thus, if you do not find the way to organize your home work space, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a deserted beach all by yourself. Watch out so that no one follows you!

Get _lost