Infographic: How To Be Productive Working From Home

It is not easy to be productive when working from home, so why not laugh about it?

If you do work from home, we are sure that you will be able to relate to this blog post. Being productive is on top of every freelancer’s wish list. Time flies by during your workday and before you know it, the day is gone but one question remains: what have you done?

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The 4 Things To Have Under Consideration When Working From Home



If you own a pet (cat, dog, parrot, hamster, snake...) the likelihood that they will benefit from you work from home, is very high. As hard as you might try, giving them extra attention is bound to happen. So why not fully embrace these precious moments? Say bye to stress and hello to positive petting energy.


Let technology give you a helping hand and change your work atmosphere by moving about. There are many applications which allows workers to access files from several devices, make use of them. The garden, the windowsill, the steps out front. It’s up to you to find a good spot.


If you are anything like us at the Surveybee team, then you like food. Attacking the fridge every few hours when working from home can become a habit. You might not always pick the healthiest of snacks. We are not judging, but why not keep apples and carrots in mind for next time?


If you do work from home, you probably know well enough how hard it can be to dress for success everyday. At the end of the day, why dress up if you are staying at home? But believe us, others will notice and you’ll thank yourself the next time you open your front door! No more scaring the mailman!

So there you have it, these four pieces of advice can take you a long way and help you to increase your productivity.

Post by Leticia Ferrer & Anne Thomsen