Londoner Trains His Cat To Fill Out Paid Surveys

Robert Bell has been kicked out from his mother’s during his 40’s. “My 25-year-old boyfriend felt awkward living under the same roof with my son” - stated his mother. As a consequence of 40 years of uselessness, Robert is not able to find a job to pay his rent. And, after showing up late for a couple of interviews in his pajamas, he lost all hope.

Thus, he decided to put all his trust in the Internet and searched ‘How to make money from the sofa’, the result was great. He found out that he could make money by filling out paid surveys. Hence, he signed up in different opinion panels and started getting emails with invitations for new surveys.

Since each survey took him between 5 and 10 minutes, he ended up being exhausted after the third one. His fingers were shaking, his mind blowing, and he was starving.

While he tried to recover from the odyssey, barely breathing, he observed his cat laying on top of the TV and he became jealous. “Why should I be the one bringing the bacon?”- states Bell.

Subsequently, he decided to invest all his effort in training his cat Charles to fill out paid surveys. So, right after solving all troubles between Charles and the PC mouse, the training started successfully. “Charles is a digital native, he can manage”- pleads Bell.
Computer _cat

“Since Charles is taking care of the online surveys, I can take a break from all the stress” - says Bell.

Charles has threatened to call the RSPCA to complain about his situation. He has their number saved on speed dial just in case. The cat stated that his dry food and barely clean litter box simply do not make him justice.

Lately, Charles met a beautiful Bristol kitten on the Internet and he is planning to move out. As any other cat, his pimp profile picture made him more successful. His owner says that he went too far. Still, Charles is getting famous and he will keep his profile picture until someone dares to complain about it.
Charles , 6From the Surveybee Team, we hope all the best for Charles and all our followers in this funny 1st of April.

Post by Leticia Ferrer