Paid Surveys: 7 Advantages and Disadvantages

As with everything in life, Paid Surveys, has both a positive and a negative side. In this blog post we will list both the advantages and disadvantages of earning by doing paid surveys from home. 

The Advantages of Taking Paid Online Surveys


1. Save Money and Time in Commuting by Working From Home 

Traveling every day from home to the office can be time consuming and also a pretty large expense at the end of the month. Even public transport is expensive nowadays. Working from home will make the difference.


Work _from _home

2. Work From Your Sofa

Is there a better way of making money than from your sofa? Lay down, play your favourite music album or TV serie and start filling out paid online surveys. If the weather is good, do so from the terrace. Start making money from anywhere with Internet conexion!

3. Organize Your Own Agenda as It fits You

One of the biggest advantages of paid surveys is that you can fill them out at any time of the day. That means earning money even in the middle of the night. Schedule your spare time and don’t miss out on any cool events.

4. Make Your Opinion Count

When filling out online surveys, your opinion is taken into consideration by well known brands. If there is anything you would like to change from the products you consume, now you have the chance to speak up and share your opinion.

5. Be Your Own Boss

Working from home has a big advantage, you are the one making the decisions. It’s time for you to show how successful you can be. No one will give you a deadline or a to do list. But, watch out! The better boss you are, the more money you will earn.

6. Spend More Time With the People You Love

Working outside the home makes you lose precious time with your family and friends. Start spending your time with the people that makes you happy. That will affect you positively and increase your everyday productivity.


Cat _keyboard

7. Work With Your Pet

The cute-sad-face that your pet used to make every morning before you left, will become a thing of the past. Having pets around will decrease your stress levels and increase your work efficiency. Let it lay down near by you but, not over the keyboard!


The Disadvantages of Taking Online Surveys


1. Lack of Social Interaction

Working from home and doing paid surveys from your computer can be lonely. People who leave their houses and commute to an office will most probably meet other people throughout the day. These encounters are likely to include short conversations which are missed by home workers. 

2. Difficult to Maintain a Work Schedule

Being your own boss also means that you decide when to start and finish work. This can be tough as it requires a lot of self-discipline. Unexpected issues can get in the way and even the most organised workers will recognise this difficulty.

3. No Fixed Earnings

Online paid surveys should be viewed as a way to earn extra pocket money. It is an activity that can be done from anywhere, anytime. It requires that the partaker is available to answer surveys and the more you answer, the more you earn.


Junk _food

4. Easy Access to Food

By being in the home environment workers find themselves making regular trips to their kitchen. It is then easy to lose track of their food intake and eat more than they need or should. Gone is that last slice of cheesecake and bowl of leftover pasta!

5. Many Distractions

Being at home for work will probably also mean that you are alone in your home setting. It is then tempting to check your social media profiles and news sites before starting any actual work. Also, using the phone for private conversations is a common pitfall.

6. Status

When working from home either as a freelancer, self-employed or stay at home mum, others might view your work differently from theirs. This can be upsetting to some, as most home office workers do probably work as hard or perhaps, harder than traditional office workers.

7. Work Set-up

Your home environment might be comfortable, but it is not an office. Work spaces nowadays are equipped with ergonomic desks, lightning and ventilation to ensure an optimal work environment and top of the line communications systems including fast broadband.


So, there you have it. Fourteen pros and cons of working from home and taking paid online surveys. Find your balance and start making money from your sofa!