A Yonner Parties in Ibiza For a Month With Money From Paid Surveys

Peter is a 22 years old student residing in Lancanshire. His biggest dream was to spend his summer in Ibiza, but he didn’t have money even for the flip-flops. Last year, he tried to save money, but it ended up wasted in traffic tickets. His dream was still alive in his mind, and one day, he saw an ad about online surveys so he decided trying. 

At the beginning of last summer, his savings were enough for the flight tickets, so he packed some swim pants, t-shirts and Ibuprofen to start his adventure.

Today, Peter is in our redaction answering some question for our magazine:

Interviewer: Welcome Peter. You got famous for paying yourself an entire month party in Ibiza only with money from paid surveys. How come?

Peter: Hey. Well, two summers ago I didn’t get any action, so I spent the winter brainstorming for ideas. Then, David Guetta’s video “Sexy Chick” crossed my mind, and I realised that if you wanna have a chick you gotta go to Ibiza. You get me?

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Interviewer: But, why did you start taking paid surveys?

Peter: Dude, If I knew before you can make money from your sofa, I’d have started earlier. I saw the ad on Facebook and thought, let’s try man!. I subscribed to every survey panels I found on Surveybee and I started taking paid surveys like there is no tomorrow.

At the beginning I only did it at home, then I realised if I don’t wanna swim to Ibiza I should invest more time. So, I started taking paid surveys from my phone in the bus, supermarket queue and even in my toilet time. Then, my PayPal account started growing faster.

Interviewer: But, it is still amazing that you manage to earn enough money for an entire month partying, only with money from paid surveys. How did you manage?

Peter: You know? While I was still at home I managed to earn money for the trip, but then I kept taking paid surveys during my holidays. When I wasn’t grabbing a mojito, I was grabbing my phone taking surveys. Sometimes I managed to do both things at a time, but then I realised that I had no free hands for waving sexy girls!, and that’s not cool, you feel me? I even bought a waterproof phone cover so I could take paid surveys in the swimming pool.

Interviewer: It sounds like you made money enough with paid surveys. But, was it like this from the beginning?

Peter: Well, you know? When I started taking paid surveys I didn’t see much money. First thing I got was an Amazon gift card that I used for buying smashing flip-flops. I also got some restaurant vouchers so I could save some money from my belly expenses, first things first. Once I became pro surveys-taker, I started receiving a lot of survey invitations, and my piggybank finally exploded.

Interviewer: Are you planning to do the same for next summer?

Peter: Well, man, I’m addicted to paid surveys now. I can’t stop it. I’m checking my email every second minute to see if I got a new invitation. I even changed my cell phone plan to a 30 GB data. Now I’m getting paid for watching videos, testing products and doing mystery shopping. The more I earn the more I want. Lately I taught my grandma to take paid surveys so she can lend me a hand on this.

Interviewer: Ok, Peter, that was everything for today. I Hope you visit us soon. By the way, since you haven’t raised your eyes from your phone in the whole interview, I was wondering if you were taking paid surveys meanwhile?

Peter: Sorry about that, mate. Losing my social skills, here. Hope you don’t mind, but time is money!. You know what I mean?

We end here our interview for today about this yonner who paid his holidays with money from paid surveys. Tomorrow we will receive Robert, a Londoner who trained his cat to take paid surveys. Thank you for today and have a great evening!

Unfortunately this is not based in a true story, but we’re sure there is people out there who might not have paid their vacation with paid surveys but their whims! Are you already one of them? Learn more about paid surveys!


By Leticia Ferrer