Boost Your Productivity: Keep Track of Your Time When You Work From Home

We all tried to keep our productivity on top when we work from home. Nevertheless, sometime it works better and some other times it just doesn’t work at all.

From Surveybee we want to give the best tip to boost productivity when you work from home. And this tip is tracking your working time! Nowadays there are many phone or tablet apps, or Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions that help you out keeping track on your working time.

Start by making a calendar with the different tasks you will carry on during the day. Remember also setting breaks and personal calls. Once you start on one of the tasks, click the play button and it will start tracking your time. Whenever you need to have a break, press stop and play the “break” one.

As part of the tool, you will find an analytic part where you will have an overview of your working hours and what did you really invest them in. Thus, you will be able to improve your daily productivity when you work from home.

Here you have some of the best tools in the market right now.

Work _From _Home _time

Google Chrome Apps and Extensions For Working From Home


TrackingTime - App: 95,026 users.

TrackingTime allows you to keep track on your team work productivity in real time. You will be able to organize your projects with your colleagues by writing comments and notifications. Have the best overview of your team work everywhere you go.

This tool will not only help you increasing productivity, but also allow working from home, improving transparency and helping to make a more accurate budget for clients.

The international team working was taken into consideration and therefore the app is working in English, German and Spanish.

Time Tracker - Extension: 27,233 users

This cool extension gives you in percentage, the amount of time that you spent in each website. It is a great tool to have always connected while working. At the end of your working day you can have an overview of how much time you spent working in your google docs, analyzing competitors or just losing your time in Facebook. You won’t believe how much of your working time is spent on irrelevant sites.

Mozilla Firefox Extension for Tracking Your Work From Home


Mind The Time - Extension: 14,946

If you are a Mozilla user, here you have a way of keeping track of the time you spend in different websites to prevent loose your time. 

The tool will give you daily, weekly or even monthly overview of your Internet behaviour.
Moreover, under preferences, you can set an alarm that will pop up whenever you have spent more than X minutes in a specific site.

iOS App

Really easy and simple app for your iPhone, iPad, Macbook or iMac.

Set your different daily tasks and click the play button whenever you start or finish a task. At the end of the day or the end of the week you will have an overview of the time you have been productive.
Useful for team projects.

Multiple platform App

Toggl - 3,619 users

The best part of this app? You can use it in any device. Wherever you are, whenever you want.

But there is more, the desktop app do not need user interaction, clicking start or finish bottoms. The desktop app will find out your exact time working, being on Facebook, or shopping in Amazon. You can’t cheat. That is an app!

If you want to boost your productivity when working from home, start using some of these apps and be honest with yourself. After having a real overview of what are you spending your time at, you will improve significantly your daily productivity and efficiency.