Paid Surveys-How Companies Know What WE Want?

We are sure, you already get stopped by a young man or woman who would like to ask you some questions and said it will just take 5 minutes. You immediately start thinking HOW can I get out of this situation? Your brain is working and working but before you even know what’s going on, you hold a pen in your hand and make your crosses on a paid survey.

Those people who tricked you are mostly students who work for market research companies or private companies who provide customer information to external enterprises. 

Before the students and other interviewer start, they had a quick training. How to ask the right questions and how to receive information from the people who fit the target group. Then they are sent out to the street with the mission to get as much filled out questionnaires as they can because they get paid by quantity.

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Companies Benefit-The Power Of Paid Surveys

What happen with all these thousands of answers and information about people's behavior they receive through paid surveys? Companies buy them. They spend millions to market research agencies to get those information because they are very valuable for them. 

But what do they do with a huge quantity of figures and written answers? Companies don’t pay so much money just to fill their hard drive. They use these information to develop new products, provide new and better advertisement or establish their brands. 

“The customer is king” a very true proverb because WE stay in center of every company's product development or marketing department. And WE are the ones who enables them to know what we want before we want it and this is the whole magic behind paid surveys. 

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Make Money With Paid Surveys

It is not always easy to find a job beside Uni. I think you agree with us when we say that the working hours often don’t match with the lectures or the office is too far away to reach it.

This is the point where online surveys jump in the game. They don’t have this name just because companies pay for them. All these students do it because they want to earn some extra money beside their studies and because the working hours are flexible. 

It’s an easy job you can do once or twice a week or during your semester holidays and you don’t have to do more than asking people some questions while enjoying the sun outside. 

So now you probably look around your room and think “Why did I bought this and that” but you can use these information and earn money with paid surveys!!!