The 21st Century-Make Money ONLINE

Everybody can make money online

For all recommended routes and programs you don’t need special qualifications or talents. Whether you earn above the average or you just earn 20-30 € per month is up to you and depends on your patience and diligence .

If you search the Internet and Google make money online, you find doubtful advertisements such as 500 euros per day with forex, 600 euros a day with Online Casino Strategy or 5000 € per month in the first 4 weeks with Blogs. Be careful some of them could be scammy!

In fact, there are more than 70 possibilities in the internet to make money, but many only mean a little extra pocket money of 3-8€ per hour but the good one is that the amount you earn depends on you. It is your decision how much time and patience you invest.

Making Money Online

Your opportunities to make money online?

There are thousands of possibility to make money online but not all of them are serious or keep their promises. But we from Surveybee, we want to give you some ideas about how you can earn some extra money and have a stable passive income. 

You can make money online by writing texts for content portals, selling your own photos or using freelance portals. You are good in writing or making small video clips? Why you don’t sell your own Kindle books or make Youtube videos of product reviews. Often the producer allows you to keep the products for free. 

Having a own website is a fantastic way of making money online. In the internet are dozen of instructions how to make your own website and a lot of webhosting companies that offer fixed tools where you can make your own website in less than 15 minutes. With your own website you are able to sell space for advertisement and companies like Facebook, Coca Cola and many more pay a lot money for that. Try it and make your own Website.

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Pros and Cons of making money online

The internet can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. We from Surveybee don’t want to leave you in the dark and made a list of Pros and Cons of making money online.


  • Open Time-Management
  • More money for yourself
  • You learn something new
  • You make your own decisions
  • No requirements 


  • Many deceiver
  • Difficult earnings forecast
  • Time until cash flow
  • High competitive market
  • Credibility


So, take care in the wide world of the Internet but use the opportunities the 21st century is offering you and earn money online. From Surveybee we want to offer you the most reputable survey sites, that you can make money in a safe way.

It’s your time - Right NOW!!!