Why sitting in a muggy office? Work from home and be more flexible.

Every day millions of people wake up early in the morning, having their coffee and spending their whole day in a small office, looking at a small screen and waiting until they can go home. But we all have appointments at the doctor or have to wait for the craftsman who is coming fix the washing machine. But then the problems just started. What to tell the boss? Will he get angry? Do I have to spent a leave day just to wait for somebody?

How easy and more diversified it would be to work from home??

NO hectic breakfast in the morning. NO running to the bus or train and NO boss in a bad mood. You can start your day with a smile and finish it when the work is done.

When you are working from home you have the limited possibility to wear whatever you want. Jogging pants and XXL sweater instead of suit and tie and comfortable slippers instead of high heels.

Working _from _Home

The right motivation to work from home

You sit at home, ready to start, and what happen? - the music is just awful. High beats, no melody and about the song text, we don’t have to talk. How somebody should work there?

Go online and check out Spotify, Napster & Co.

There you can listen to your favourite music, whenever and wherever you want. Spotify gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect matching playlist for your mood while you are working from home.

And not only the music has an influence on your productiveness. Also on your total environment. If you need a break you can go out and relax or do washing, cooking or cleaning, something that other people have still to do after their work.

 Home _Working

Work from Home – Family and Kids

Many women face the big problem of combining their job and career with their children when they have to go to the kindergarden or to school. In the most household’s women would take care of them and the man is going working. A usual family life.

But this doesn’t have to be like that. Many popular companies offer working from home possibilities already and give their employees the opportunity of managing their jobs from their home offices and make them more flexible.

The most people don’t know a lot of jobs that enable employees work from home. This is the reason why from “Surveybee” we figured out jobs which allows you to stay at home and keep working from there. 

  • Virtual assistant
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Translator
  • Web developer/designer
  • Call center representative
  • Tech support specialist
  • Travel agent
  • Teacher
  • Writer/editor
  • Franchise owner

So let’s change your life! Start working from home and be more flexible.