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Earn Money Online with Twitter

The most people don’t know that it is possible to earn money with tweets, but it is. To get started, you have to create a Twitter account targeting a very specific niche of people in order to gain the highest number of possible followers. The next step to make money online would be to insert advertisements in your posts. 

There are many programes in the world wide web where you just have to register and they add automatically ads and sponsored links in your tweets. For every ad, you will receive an amount of money, without a lot of work.

Another option would be to send personal messages to your followers or give companies access to your follower list. They will pay you a certain amount of money which usually varies based on the number of your followers. 

 Making Money Online

Earn Money Online with YouTube

Everyday millions of people are publishing video clips on YouTube but only a few know that it is possible to earn online money with this social media platform. But where does the money come from?? It’s not a secret that advertising companies pay TV providers to insert their advertisements in breaks of a movie. The same is working with your YouTube clips, you just have to become a YouTube partner.

If you are a YouTube partner you get access to advanced page personalisation settings and you will be able to add advertisements in your videos. Nevertheless you have to reach a certain number of views to become a partner to receive the possibility to earn money online. 

How does it work? You don’t have to be a programmer to include ads in your videos. The more views your clips get, the more ads will be clicked by the users and as long 1+1 is 2, you will get more money with more seen advertisements. The earnings are on average around $1 every 100. visitor. Some people achieve with only one video more than 1 million visitors which means they received approximately $10.000. That’s not too bad. 

Online Money Making

Earn Money Online with Instagram 

Instagram is a social media platform with over 300 million users that are sharing 70 million photos and videos everyday. It’s not very surprising that it is possible to make money online along this way. The most of the users who are posting and interacting on their accounts are ‘normal’ people like you and me.

If you love to take photos with your mobile device and improve the quality before posting them on Instagram, then there is a high possibility that you could start licensing your photos to companies that are willing to pay for your pictures in order to use them for their own brand or product purpose. 

There are many different online photography marketplaces that are doing nothing else than buying Instagram pictures. Making money online can’t be easier! You can sign up for free, create an account and built up a portfolio. It is not necessary to have a huge follower list and with up to $10 per photo you have a very good extra income.  


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