Work from Home with the right Snacks

Make it yourself!!

Delicious and fast snacks for working from home



The Avocado seems to be a multifunctional and magic fruit. It is full of healthy vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids and keep you full for a long time. You can eat the fruit with a spoon, as a dip or as a spread. So make an Avocado-Toast in your break when you work from home.

What to do?

You crush an avocado with a fork or a spoon and put it on wholemeal bread or toast. Trickle a bit olive oil over the avocado and taste it with pepper, salt and optional garlic powder. To make it a bit more colorful you can put tomato or capsicum on top.

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Grapefruit-Tonic Drink

The summer is there. The sky is blue and the sun is shining. Why sitting in a dark room and see how the people enjoy the beautiful weather? Working from home can be much more funny when you sit on your terrace or balcony and have a refresh Grapefruit-Tonic Drink.

What to do?

Role the grapefruit with a little pressure to get more juice. Then cut the grapefruit in half and squeeze it. Let the juice go through a fine sieve into a large glass. Top it up with tonic water and put a bit crushed ice in it. Finish!! Is the perfect drink for relaxing work from home session.

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Beetroot Salad with Apple and Walnut 

Last but not least, we want to show you a salad with an interesting combination of beetroot, apple and walnuts. Salads are easy and fast to make and give you a lot of energy while working from home. The mix of the light earthy taste of the beetroot together with the sweet and fruity taste of the apple and the bitter walnut is a perfect combination.

What to do?

Wash and peel the beetroot and cut it into thin slices. Place them in a circle on a plate and grater the apple over the beetroot. Mix natural yogurt with honey and lemon and make small blots in the middle. Crack the walnuts and crumble them over the salat. You also can trickle a bit olive oil over the salat. Your work from home salad is done. Work _home _804x 550 (1) (1)

As you can see there are many possibilities to make a small and healthy snack in a few minutes and you don’t have to think about how long you have to run in the gym today to lose those calories. Now you have some interesting ideas for your next break when working from home.