Work from home: 5 Tips how you can be more productive.

Your boss allows you to work from home?? Than use this chance and be more flexible.

Most of the people in the UK would like to spend one working day at home but this decision must be well-considered. Not everybody is the type of person who can work from home. It is difficult to stay focused when your kids are running around. Also when you work close to the sofa it will be more and more attractive to you.

We want to show you 5 easy tips how you can keep your concentration when you are working from home!

Working from home: Separated workplace

If you decide to work from home you should set up a separate area or better a separate room. Avoid working in the environment where you also spend time with your family.

Sit on an ergonomic chair. It will help you to do your daily tasks in a comfortable position. A proper desk is also important. Think about one with an adjustable height. While working it is good to stand from time to time. Avoid to sit in front of a window. The reflection of the sunbeams will stress your eyes excessively and will get tired after a short time.

Home Working

Working from home: Time Management

You have to structure your day and follow a schedule. Otherwise it will be very difficult to be efficient and productive. Many people who are working from home use “To Do” lists for every day. It’s the best if you write your list always one day in advance because then you have an overview what you have to do each day.

Working From Home

Working from home: Break

Don’t forget your colleagues at work! Why not meeting them for a break? It is important to stay in contact to exchange news about work or private life. You will see that socializing with your colleagues will be good for you. Otherwise it could happen that you become an outsider.

Working from home: Social life vs. Work

If you are working in a private environment it is of course difficult to separate the social life from work life. But this is an important factor. We recommend you to work on very difficult tasks only when you are alone so that nobody can disturb you. Otherwise there is a high risk that you do a lot of mistakes with major implications.

 Work From Home

Working from home: Work-Life-Balance

Many people who work from home, quickly forget that they do not live to work.
Your time with your family should never get lost. Also don’t forget to finish your work at a certain fixed time. In a familiar environment you can lose the sense of time.