Legit Ways To Make Money Online (And How To Avoid Scams)

Don't struggle with money just because you are afraid scams, follow these tips instead!

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Are you a student on the noodle/macaroni/frozen pizza diet? Well, we know your Struggle. We wanna give you some tips on how to make money online in a legitimate and safe way, and in a way that will fit your studies too. These tips are also great for stay-at-home moms, people between jobs or for anyone who is struggling with money and has some time to spare but is in doubt of online jobs.

Online Surveys

While online surveys can be a highly debated topic, they are a legit way to earn extra money. Companies need feedback from their target groups about their products in order to improve them. All you need to do is provide them with this feedback by filling out surveys, and the companies are willing to pay for this.

Product Testing

Sometimes companies need your opinion even before they have launched their products, and are willing to pay for you to test them. You’ll receive a product in mail, that you are going to give feedback on, or you can simply install a program or app to your computer or mobile device to test.

Mystery Shopping

Shopping in order to earn money? Sounds a bit too good, right? That’s not the case however! Companies also need feedback on their services, in order to improve. As a mystery shopper you will be given tasks, like purchasing products anonymously, asking questions etc. Then you will fill a report online to let the company know how they did.

Scams and How to Avoid Them With These 6 Questions.

Internet scams have existed pretty much as long as the Internet itself. There have and always will be people who just want to get your money and give nothing in return. By now most of people who are experienced internet users will not fall to the cheapest and most common scams, like the infamous “ You have just won 100 ipads, congratulations!” frauds circling the internet especially few years back.

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But as the Internet users become more and more critical and smart during the years, the scammers also need to step up their game. They need to develop more efficient ways to fool the users.

It is not however impossible to avoid these scammers, and here are 6 things you should keep in mind in order to steer clear of them:

Do I need to pay money before I can start earning?

If this is the case, run. RUN FAST. Or at least click away from the site quickly, as you should never have to pay money in order to make money.

Do they have a social media presence? 

If a business is to be taken seriously, they are forced to be at least a little active in the social media. So, if you can’t stalk the company on Facebook or Twitter, it is very likely something is wrong.

Are the promises the site makes realistic?

“Become a millionaire tonight!”. Yeah right. You’re better of going and buying a lottery ticket.

Is their site design clear and professional?

If the site is a terrible eyesore and looks like it is from the early 2000’s, it is probably been put together very quickly and not by professionals. Legit companies will put time and effort to their websites.

Am I spammed with ads, especially pop up ones?

That is not a good sign. Not only is it extremely annoying, but most legitimate businesses can function without annoying and pushy ads. 

Are the payment methods clearly stated?

“You will receive a compensation”. Okay, but how and what? Will it be cash with Paypal or discount coupons for a restaurant in the middle of Siberia? If this is not clearly stated, then there’s a good chance you will never receive anything.

If you follow these tips and stay sharp in general, you should have nothing to worry about. There a ton of legitimate and friendly sites where you can make some extra money, so don’t get too paranoid either. Just keep smart and calm and earn some extra money, so you can sometimes afford going out too!

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If you want a safe way to take online surveys, why not sign up to Surveybee? It’s easy, takes no time at all, and we carefully check all the companies you can sign up to through us. You can simply start filling surveys without a worry.

So, have you tried making some money online already? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!