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Get tips and tricks for saving money at Oktoberfest!

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It's that time of the year again. From 17th September until 3rd October, 2016 the 183th Oktoberfest takes place in Munich. Each year, millions of visitors spend a lot of money at the Munich beer festival, and like every year, the prices for food, beverages, and rides increases. But, Oktoberfest does not necessarily have to be expensive. The following tips and tricks from will show you how to save money at Oktoberfest.

Dirndl And Lederhosen

The right outfit is a must for anyone who goes to Oktoberfest. For men, it’s the Lederhosen and for the women of course the Dirndl. The Dirndl and Lederhosen also include many accessories. All together it can be quite expensive.

Our tip:
First, look online for the perfect dirndl or lederhosen, because you can save a lot of money on the internet. There are many suppliers which offer the traditional Bavarian outfits much cheaper than the retail stores. Second, start looking earlier in the year because there will be a greater selection and it takes time to compare the different offers. Finally, you can save the most money if you buy the costumes directly after Oktoberfest and during winter.

Those who prefer to try on the Dirndl or Lederhosen in a store can also search at second-hand shops for unique and cheap outfits. Also, make sure to buy outfits made of easy-care materials so you can just put them in the washing machine after Oktoberfest and save on cleaning costs.

Arrival And Departure

In the time leading up to the Munich beer festival, the prices for train and plane tickets only increase marginally. Nevertheless, it is best to compare all the different offer, as the prices for train, and plane tickets change hourly.

Our tip:
Would you like to chat, meet new people, and save money? Then offer or look for a ride on one of the many ride sharing websites. Share the cost and have company on the car journey to Munich.

Intercity buses are becoming increasingly popular where a journey from London to Munich only costs €60. The more adventurous people can save a lot of money by hitchhiking to Oktoberfest, but it can be risky to travel alone.


The hotel prices in Munich substantially increase by the end of September. In the worst case hotels can add up to a 100 percent on top of room prices. It is the most expensive during the middle of the Bavarian beer festival, the so-called "Italian weekend".

Our tip:
Book early in order to save a lot of money. It's cheapest to book your next visit right after the previous one. Also, instead of only staying in Munich for the weekend, it is best to take a few vacation days. The Sunday and Monday nights are the cheapest.

Hostels, which you can also book on short notice, are a cheap alternative to expensive hotels. Anyone who who like meeting new people and doesn’t have a problem with sharing a room, can save a lot of money this way.

You can save money by looking for affordable rooms or apartments on Airbnb. Those who are content with a couch can surely find a nice host at

Everyone who wants to save even more money and prefers staying under the open sky in their tent or camper, have several camping sites to choose from.


During Oktoberfest the trips within Munich, such as from the hotel to the Oktoberfest tents and back, are more expensive than the rest of the year. The cab ride, although it is a short and pleasant journey, can cost you a lot of money.

Our tip:
Use public transport such as train, metro, tram, and bus to save money. The Munich transport company is very well prepared for the large crowds during this time. You can save even more money by travelling in groups. The more people you are, the cheaper it gets.


Of course, Oktoberfest includes the Maß (one litre) of beer. This year, the price for a litre ranges from €10.40 - €10.70. The prices of non-alcoholic beverages such as water (€8.27), lemonade & cola (€9.27) and lemonade (€9.04) have increased. But, what would Oktoberfest be without a decent beer?!

Our tip:
Compare the drink prices of the different beer tents to save money. For the litre of beer it’s only a 30 Cents difference, but it adds up if you’re planning on drinking a lot of beer. Especially on soft drinks, you can save money by closely comparing prices.

Another trick to save money is the "pre-drinking". You can kick-off by having a drink at home or at a cheaper beer garden on the way to Oktoberfest. The price for a litre of beer outside Oktoberfest ranges from €7.30 to €10.20. So they are significantly lower than in the beer tents.


As with the beverages, the prices for food have also increased. The cheapest half of a broiler will cost €10.50 and a roast pork €15.20, but, nonetheless, a meal is usually a good idea when planning on drinking a large amount of alcohol.

Our tip:
To save money with food, it is also worth it to compare the prices of the different beer tents. In the smaller tents, the prices are lower than in the big tents. You can save even more money at the many food stands and snack stalls near the beer tents.

As in the beer gardens, you are allowed to bring your own snacks to Oktoberfest. Please note that this is only permitted in the beer gardens in front of a beer tent, and not in the tents themselves. You can also save money by having a proper meal before you go to the Oktoberfest. It’s typically cheaper to eat at home or at the hotel.

Save a lot of money during lunch time at the Oktoberfest (10am till 3pm). There are special lunch deals, the rides are cheaper, and you can get a seat in every tent!

Special tip for families: The Family Day

There are special prices for children and adults on beverages, food, and tickets every Tuesday from noon till 6pm.

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