The Best Money Saving Blogs of 2016

40 Awesome Blogs That Will Help You Save Money


There are certain times in life when money can be tight: being a student, new parent, between jobs and so on. Every little way you can save money becomes very valuable during these times. Even if you are in a good financial situation right now, saving money is still never a bad idea, because you never know what the future holds.

Saving money doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy life however. There are multiple ways you can live the ‘high life’ without spending a fortune. Surveybee has collected 40 blogs that help you do just that: saving money while still enjoying your life.

They are by no means blogs that are “cheap”, but simply blogs written by people who are passionate about their interest, and won’t let money stand in their way. We have divided them into 4 categories:

You can browse them based on your interests, or simply check all of them if you wish! You are sure to learn a lot and find many good reads.


To the bloggers:

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Traveling has always been seen as a high end “hobby” but it can be done even with limited time and money, and these blogs are going to show you how.

The question we asked the travel bloggers:
“What is your number one most important saving tip when traveling?”



Travelling Buzz

This blog by a Bulgarian couple, Maria and Krasi, shares tips on how to travel and what to see in their beautiful home country and all around Europe, with their motto “Follow your Happiness” being the clear inspiration behind this blog. Everything they do is done in an affordable way, and they share tips on how you can do it too!

Maria's answer:
“When travelling somewhere always check if there are free admissions to the sites you want to visit. Check in advance the websites of the places you have in mind and see if there are days without an entrance fee, such as every Monday or on public holidays. It always helps to save a dollar or two that way. ”

Check out: 30 Free or (Budget) Things to Do in London



Big World Small Pockets

Not only does this blog provide amazing tips for budget travel, it also strives to show to people having doubts about budget travel that it is actually just as amazing as high end travel, if not better. Run by Steph, these guides will help you from planning to actually staying at the locations, between UK, Australia and so many more places.

Steph's answer:
“I think the number one saving tip when traveling I recommend is the concept of slow travel. This means staying in one place for longer, getting to know the locals and really engaging with life on the ground in there. Not only will you save on accommodation if you stay for longer in one spot, you'll increase your chance of picking up local deals and getting to know all the free things to do there. You might even pick up some work?!”

Check out: Budget Travel: 6 Reasons Why I Love it ... And You Should Too!



Frugal First Class Travel

This smart blog, run by Jo who is also known as the Chief Frugalista, will give you all the tips on flying as cheaply as possible, even in first class. She shows how to make use of frequent flyer points and other creative tricks. Her blog will help you dream, plan, pack, and travel, repeatedly!

Jo's answer:
“My number one tip is to subscribe to airline and hotel booking sites email lists. Always open and read the deals that are available even if you are not planning a trip. That way you learn what the best prices really are, and when they are advertised. Then when you are planning a trip you know exactly what price you are looking for, and when exactly to look for it.”

Check out: Using The Best Airline Hacks I Know



Where's Mollie

This refreshing blog, run by Mollie, shows that you can live your dreams when you want, and you don’t need a giant budget to do it. Her blog has sections about traveling where you can choose the kind of adventure you would like to go on, from budget to luxury. Her blog is written in the spirit “pursue your dream”, keeping affordability always in mind!

Mollie's answer:
“Invest time shopping around - saving money simply requires a bit of research. AirBnb is a great way to reduce Accommodation costs as these alone can wipe out a budget. The less you exert on accommodation - the more room there is for adventure!“

Check out: How to Do Safari On A Budget a Addo National Park, South Afrika



The Professional Hobo

Even though Nora is a full time traveler, her tips and tricks on the road are very usefull for everyone, even those who only want a short holiday with cheaper price tag. Not only are there tips for financial help on the road, but also real experiences of traveling, showing both ups and downs.

Nora's answer:
“Save money on your biggest travel expense - accommodation - by getting it for free! There are a variety of ways to do it (I wrote a book on the topic), and over the last 10 years I’ve saved almost $100,000 traveling this way, with the added benefit of a more immersive cultural experience to boot. ”

Check out: How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World



Vicky FlipFlop Travels

The woman behind this cool blog is Vicky, and she has been all around the world while usually on a budget. She shares her adventures from weekend getaways to multiple week itineraries, and wants her followers to also have the knowledge and courage to go on the same adventures without a giant sum of money.

Vicky's answer:
"Sort your finances before you go. Make sure you have the best bank account and credit card for your needs. No matter how much small change you manage to save on haggling while you're there, what you waste on bank fees could void it all. "

Check out: 17 Awesome *FREE* Things to Do in Paris



Shereen Travels Cheap

This fun blog, run by Shereen, really highlights that research and preparation is key when wanting to travel comfortably on a budget. She is a self-taught expert on finding the best deals and coupons for traveling, be it with family or alone and shares her knowledge on the blog.

Shereen's answer:
“Pack light, because it can save you time, money and aggravation. When you mix and match your wardrobe with just a few key pieces, you can create dozens of outfits. Since it all fits in a carry-on, you save baggage fees and don't have to wait at the carousel after your flight, and it's much easier to get around with just one smaller bag than dragging a large heavy one everywhere. “

Check out: How to Travel the U.S for Free or Cheap (and Safe)



Hayley on Holiday

Run by Hayley, this fun blog is especially great for all of the introverts who wish to travel solo one day, and want some encouragement. Beyond that the blog has wonderful tips on how you can save money on your travels, especially focusing on Australia, Asia, Canada, and America.

Hayley's answer:
“My biggest money saving tip would definitely be that if you are travelling solo, choose a hostel close to transport that includes free WiFi and breakfast. This will save you money in the long run, guaranteed. “

Check out: Canadian Rockies: My Top Ten Solo and Budget Travel Tips



Thrifty Traveler

This blog is run by Jared, whose job as an accountant caused him to travel a lot. Thanks to this fact he has become an expert on finding the best deals when traveling and taking the most out of the frequent flyer mile and other frequent traveler perks, and shares great offers and guides even for complete beginners.

Check out: Beginner's Guide to Credit Cards



Happy Time Blog

Aaron, the man behind the blog, is all about living life in a less ordinary way, and shares his journey in life with that motto on this blog. He shares great tips on traveling and saving money, and not only that, but also tips on how to make more money while you travel!

Check out: How to Make Money While You Travel




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Food is one of the biggest expenses in our daily life, but great food can also be found on a tight budget. Even if you follow a special diet, the following blogs can show you how.

The question we asked the food bloggers:
“ What is the absolutely best tip you can give for saving money when it comes to food?”


Budget Bytes

This tasty blog, run by Beth, never leaves you guessing how much money the recipes require, but always states it in the headline. The recipes are creative and delicious, while remaining extremely cheap and easy to make, and the way they are constructed makes them very easy and fun to follow.

Beth's answer:
“Learn how to cook dry beans and grains. Bulking up your meals with these ingredients is not only healthy, but it can cut your meal cost dramatically. It can be unfamiliar territory, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy and usually requires nothing more than just boiling water!“

Check out: Tomato Herb Pull Apart Bread



Grown to Cook

If you’ve ever dreamed about your own garden, then Vera’s blog is for you! She shows how you can grow your own food and make use of even plants that you find all around you, and provides you with a ton of recipes too. This is a great way to save and make sure you are eating very fresh and healthy ingredients.

Vera's answer:
“For me the best way to eat well while spending very little money is to grow most of the vegetables and fruit we eat and cook from scratch. This way, I invest my time but very little money, while ensuring superb quality of food for my family.I also thoroughly enjoy the gardening and the whole process from seed to a finished dish so that is definitely no hardship! ”

Check out: Elderberry Buckwheat Pancakes



Catching Seeds

On this diverse blog by self-proclaimed Foodie, Laurel, you will find recipes that are easy to make at home, while still being creative and delicious. Not only is there a great variety of recipes, but also recipes for a huge variety of different diets, proving that a special diet doesn’t have to mean tears for your wallet or taste buds!

Laures's answer:
“Eating healthy can get expensive when you are chasing the latest “superfood” fads. My best tip is to purchase all the “super” fruits and vegetables that are in your grocery store’s produce department. These often overlooked superfoods are packed with nutrients and easy on the wallet. “

Check out: Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers




This blog is an all about simple living, and is run by Janel, a mom of two. Her blog has a section about simple cooking and a multitude of tasty recipes that you can make at home, simply and without outrageous costs. You can find recipes for cooking, baking, and even for making your own cider and other drinks.

Check out: The Best Homemade Chocolate Cake Recipe From Scratch



Food in Jars

This blog, run by Marisa who is a well known author from USA, shows that saving money when it comes to food isn’t always about what ingredients you have, but also about what you do with the food. In the blog you’ll find tip and tricks on how to store your food in cans, and thus store them for a later time without them spoiling.

Check out: Spicy Peach Barbecue Sauce on Freshly Preserved Ideas



Go go go Gourmet

How to make gourmet food with very simple ingredients? Jaqueline, the writer of the blog and a mom has it all figured out. She will show you how to take the ingredients you often already have at home and whip out a delicious gourmet meal effortlessly.

Check out: Spicy Jalapeno, Hot Sausage and Chorizo Mac and Cheese



Thrifty Lesley

Does living with £1 a day sound good to you? Then this blog, run by Lesley, has got you covered. Not only does the blog provide very practical and tasty recipes for ridiculously low costs, but she also provides you with multiple different weekly food plans that tell you exactly what you need to buy in order to only spend £7 for food in a week.

Check out: Week Five Meal Planner - Brie, Chicken and Eggs




Cooking on a Bootstrap

Presenting both regular and vegan recipes, this blog, run by a girl called Jack, provides a lot of inspiration for anyone struggling to find a way to make cheap foods in a very tasty way. The blog is written in a very delightful way, and shares other tips for saving money on food too.

Check out: Go on, Be a Tosser (9 Easy Pancake Recipes From Vegan to Gluten Free, Leftover Porridge and Everything in Between)

“Cooking_on _a _bootstrap


Frugal Family

This blog, run by Cass, is all about meal planning and slow cookers, and provides you with guides on how you can use both in order to save a bunch of money. But, if you are just looking for a delicious meal or a tasty sweet recipe, this blog has got you covered there too, and always with low costs of course.

Check out: Family Friendly Frugal Meals - Slow ooker Sausage, Bean and Chorizo Casserole...



The Cheap Lazy Vegan

Veganism is often said to be an expensive lifestyle, but the cheap lazy vegan is here to prove otherwise! On her blog she shares delicious and affordable vegan recipes, often accompanied by a video tutorial. She also recently undertook the live below the line challenge, and is killing it on the vegan diet






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Is fashion your passion, but you haven’t got too much money in your pocket? Then these blogs will help you realise your style in a cheap but still very stylish and unique way.

The question we asked the fashion bloggers:
“With fashion, what is the number one tip you can give when it comes to saving money?”



Broke and Beautiful

Just because you are broke, it doesn’t have to mean that you still cannot shop for beautiful clothes that fit your style perfectly, and this lovely blog, run by Lindsay, shows just that. She is all about feeling like you got more than you paid for, and thinks even if you aren’t broke, the cheaper way of buying clothes is the best!

Lindsay's answer:
“In the age of internet shopping, there is absolutely no reason to buy anything without a coupon code. Websites are popping up left and right with the sole purpose of gathering and dispersing all of the best coupon codes, and nearly every website online has promotions. Even if you're in a retail store looking at a garment - get on your phone, find it online and check if it has an applicable coupon code. I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars by using a coupon code that I didn't even know existed before I got to checkout! ”

Check out: 9 Affordable Backpacks (For All Ages)



Confessions of a Refashionista

This fun and quirky blog, run by Sheri, shows you how to alter those nearly perfect thrifting finds so they fit you and your style perfectly, as well as, how to mix and match them. You can also find guides to thrifting if you are not an expert in making those amazing finds yet, and a ton of inspiration about how to dress in a fun and unique way.

Sheri's answer:
“Anyone can become a kick ass DIY eco-fashion upcycling warrior by simply sorting through their wardrobe, shopping at thrift & charity shops and creating their own fabulous, affordable, totally unique style without supporting the growing phenomenon of cheap, unethically produced “fast fashion”. Not sure where to start? My Confessions of a Refashionista blog is chock full of tips, tricks and tutorials to help you step out in style! “

Check out: How to Upsize a Playsuit



Pauper to Princess

Fashion items for less than £5 sounds rather hard to find, right? Then you will be surprised how easy this blog, run by Louise, makes finding these beautiful clothes look. You will find tips on shopping at charity stores, complete lookbooks done on a tiny budget, and all kinds of inspiration for thrifting.

Louise's answer:
“Try out your local charity shop and carboot sales! You never know what goodies you'll find, you save money, and keep garments out of landfill. It's a chance to be creative, unique, and right on trend. “

Check out: What NOT to buy at a charity Shop




The Budget Babe

Is there a celebrity look you would love to copy, but are terrified to to think how much it will cost? Well, this blog, run by Dianna Baros, is here to help you, by taking luxurious outfits worn by celebrities, and recreating them with items that only costs a fraction of the price. You’ll also find guides on what to look out for when shopping for these items.

Check out: Boho Bombshell: Alessandra Ambrosio's Floral Blouse and Ripped Denim Look for Less



Charity Shop Chic

Have an idea of what you want to find from charity shop, but can’t quite find the what you have in mind? Don’t worry, this blog will help you turn those so-close-yet-so-far thrifting finds to a perfect, fashionable pieces of clothing. Charity Shop Chic also shares plenty of extensive sewing tutorials and inspiration on what to look out for when shopping at charity stores.

Check out: Polka Dot Panache




Ever heard of capsule wardrobes? Well, this blog, run by Caroline, shows exactly what it is, and how you too can create this wardrobe with only a set amount of clothes that you can easily mix and match to create tons of cool and fashionable styles. The blog also focuses on staying true to your own style over passing trends.

Check out: Capsule Experiment



Thrifts and Threads

It’s not always about buying the cheapest clothes if you want to save money, like this blog, run by Brittany, shows by pointing out how wonderful high quality staple pieces that accompany your affordable clothes can really save money in the long run. You will, of course, find tips on where to shop for those cheaper stylish clothes too.

Check out: Dresses for Every Occasion



A Million Dresses

Is your dream dress way out of your budget? Why not make your own then! This blog, run by Sarah, will show you how to sew your own dresses, where to find the fabric and the patterns, while providing tons of inspiration regarding all the different kinds of dresses you can make all by yourself from fun fabrics!

Check out: Where to Buy Jersey Knit Fabric




This blog, run by Miss Budget Beauty, shows how you can dress in a fun, unapologetic way, without a giant price tag. As an added bonus, she also throws cheap makeup tips and general life advice in the mix as well. You will also find things worth spending a little bit more money on, like things that will last you a very long time!

Check out: Changing Room Tales / Primark



Thrift My Style

This blog, run by Sharon, provides you with tons of of advice and inspiration for thrifting. You can find show casings of amazing finds, both from thrift stores and retail stores, and often based on some of the latest luxurious fashion trends, and sometimes on the classic looks from past decades.

Check out: Thrift Inspiration...Doing it 70's Style For Summer 2015



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If you are dreaming about the perks of living the high lifestyle, but don’t have the money to make it happen, these blogs will help you with that, by showing you how they manage their unique and enjoyable lifestyles.

The question we asked the lifestyle bloggers:
“What is your number one favourite saving tip?”


Gypsy Soul

Do you posses a gypsy soul? Or have you never even heard of such a term? Well, this bohemian blog, run by Gina, tells you all about what kind of lifestyle fits people like her, and you can find a multitude of great tips on saving money in your daily life, even if you aren’t one with your gypsy soul quite yet.

Ginas's answer:
“Always shop around before your purchase anything, whether it be food, clothes, gadgets or furniture, you can almost always find it cheaper elsewhere if you do your research. “

Check out: 12 Uses For Leftover Banana Peels




This playful blog, run by Cassie, is all about the thrifty lifestyle, DIY projects, and never growing up. You can learn how to throw awesome parties on a budget, DIY a shed from a caravan or cook delicious but simple meals with little money, and so much more!

Cassie's answer:
"Stop buying anything 'new'. If you need something and are thinking of heading to the shops to buy it, think again..! I bet you could find it second-hand (or even for free!) just by hunting around in charity shops, at car boot sales, or in skips. Look at things you already own and see how they could be repurposed to create something different. I once turned an old chest of drawers into a desk by screwing on some castor wheels to raise it up and by adding an old wooden shelf across the top drawer as a work surface. My 'new' desk was practically free! “

Check out: My Little Caravan Project - The Makeover So Far... 



Victoria's Vintage

From this cute blog, run by Victoria, you will find all kinds of lifestyle tips and tricks that are always very purse friendly. Find tips from baking to traveling, thrifting, and DIY projects. She is an experienced bargain-hunter and also shares her competition wins and all kinds of charity and thrift shops hauls.

Victoria's answer:
“My number one money saving tip is to always look to buy second hand. Pre-loved goods don't have to be bits of tat! I always check out thrift stores, charity shops and carboot sales to grab a bargain. You can find some really amazing things which are almost new at a fraction of the price! eBay is a good place to look too!“

Check out: Renovation Sensation Project



Moral Fibres

Not only is this lovely blog all about living a green lifestyle, Wendy also shares her tips on ethical living and helps you save money too. Her blog is all about showing the world that green living is affordable, easy, and stylish! You’ll find guides from how to shop cheaply and ethically to building your own capsule wardrobes.

Wendy's answer:

I don't have a favourite tip as I believe lots of small measures add up to big savings.  Start small, doing simple things like turning down your thermostat by 1°C, or by adjusting the brightness on your television set ( and then build up to doing the bigger things like tackling your food waste (  You'll find the savings soon add up!



Dungarees & Degrees

If you are a student struggling with money, this blog, run by Liv, knows your struggle and is willing to share all kinds of tips on how to survive university life. From stationary to food and being healthy, see how to survive on a student budget. You’ll also find giveaways, product reviews and discounts codes, along with fun and relatable posts about student life.

Liv's answer:
“Save up change, you can make a lot of money from just emptying your purse every few days into a jar and then not touching it until it is full. I've ended up saving 100's this way :) “

Check out: Moving To University, What do I need?



The Frugal Cottage

Want to life the frugal life, but don’t quite know how to go about it? This blog, run by Nicola, will help you with that. She is sharing everything you need to live a very frugal life from meal plans to investment advice. In the future, you will also see more recipes and product reviews that will help you stay on track throughout your frugal journey.

Check out: 5 Easy Ways to Spend Less



Miss Thrifty

Super cheap and tasty recipes? Check. Guides on how to upcycle clothes? Check. Deals and specials on Makeup? Check. The list keeps on going, as this blog, run by Karyn, offers so much more. This was just a taste to show you just how well rounded the Miss Thrifty blog is for saving money.

Check out: Engagement Rings: 10 Best Ways to Save Money



Katherine Louise

Want to have the finer things in life, but don’t want to pay too much for them? That’s what this blog, run by Kat, is all about. You can find guides on surviving cities on a budget, how to cook your own affordable and tasty meals and how to style different outfit pieces, just to name a few.

Check out: How to Do Copenhagen on a Budget

“Katherine Louise


Skint Dad

This helpful blog, run by Ricky and Naomi, doesn’t only provide tasty cheap recipes and advice on how to save money in your daily life, but also will give you all around advice on handling your finances and making money. They will also make you realise, that every penny does really count.

Check out: How I Plan My Supermarket Shop



Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

The name of this bubbly blog, run by Hannah, really sums up quite well what this blog is about: enjoying the high life without breaking the budget. You’ll find tips on beauty, fashion, vegan food, and everything related to the “Champagne Lifestyle”.

Check out: Currently Craving: Mini Handbags



Congratulations to everyone on the list, the different tips and tricks you share on your blogs are sure to help many people who are struggling with money. Thank you also to everyone who read the list and checked out at least a few of the awesome blogs!