6 Versatile Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you're looking for some inspiration for Halloween costumes, check out our infographic!

Within the past few years, Halloween has become become a popular celebration in the UK. While we don’t have the tradition of “trick-or-treating”, it is still very common to throw halloween parties and dress up in costume.

Traditionally, Halloween costumes have been scary monsters and creatures, but lately it is also common to dress up in other kinds of costumes. The costumes today range from scary, to cute and funny, and even sexy outfits. It’s not uncommon to see many version of similar costumes, like scary or funny clowns.

For some people the parties around halloween are the best celebrations all year, and they start preparing for the next halloween almost as soon as the last one ends. There are many enthusiasts that will spend huge amounts of money in order be the talk of the party.

Not all of us want to invest crazy amounts of time and money in order to wear a costume for a party or two. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to save money when it comes to halloween costumes, even if you start planning last minute, and Surveybee has put together an infographic to help you with that.

In the infographic below you will find 6 different categories of possible costumes that are all filled with options ranging from cheap, to more complicated. Many of them you can recreate simply looking around your house, so you can save money too.

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Also, Check out our blogpost ‘10 cheap and easy costume ideas for Halloween’ if you want to find instructions for specific costumes, or just want a little more inspiration for ways to save money this halloween.

Halloween doesn’t have to be a huge expense. If you get creative with the materials you have, you can create amazing things while saving money!