Psychology of Spending: What Makes Us Buy?

Ever wondered how your mood affects your wallet? See below!

Have you ever been to the mall only to come back home with unnecessary items and less money in your wallet? Or have you made purchases that felt good in the moment but you later regretted?

Most of us buy things that we end up never using; or clothes that we do not even wear once, but still hangs in the wardrobe with the tags on. Does this sound familiar? This is actually a very common thing that most people do, without knowing why they do it.

Many times, there is more explanation to the choices we make and why we do the things we do. Shopping is one of them. You might not be aware of it but there might be more factors at play when making the choices you make while shopping. The reason you buy things might not be just because you like them.

There are various studies focusing on the connection between psychology and spending money: Why does shopping feel so good? What are our psychological triggers to buy things? Do we shop to feel good? Can we buy happiness? Check out the infographic below that SurveyBee prepared for you to learn more about the psychology of spending!


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