Suspicious About Surveys? This Will Explain Everything!

We Address Some of the Common Doubts and Questions About Online Surveys.

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Even though online surveys have become more and more common, people still have a lot of suspicions towards them. You often hear how people have gotten scammed, haven’t received their money, or are in general confused about the whole concept.

Why is this? We think the explanation is that people simply aren’t informed enough about surveys. This is why we have collected some common questions and worries about surveys, and answer them for you, so you don’t need to be skeptical anymore!

How Come You Get Paid for Taking These Surveys?

This is the part that probably confuses people the most. Why on earth would you get paid just for filling out a survey?

The answer is really simple. Surveys are created by companies, who want relevant feedback about their products. They need this feedback to improve their products and services. It is however not always so easy to get.

People are often not ready to spend their precious time if there is nothing for return. This is why companies give incentives for people to fill out their surveys, so they can receive enough answers.

How Much Can I Earn and Does it Cost Something?

Usually the amount you can earn is somewhere between £1-£5 per survey. This depends on the length of the survey and the company that is conducting the survey.

It is important to remember, that especially in the beginning, it will take time until you start earning more. When you start, companies don’t know if you are a trusted source for feedback yet, but as time goes by, you will start receiving more profitable surveys.

Never pay for taking surveys. Surveys should be complete free for you to take, since the companies are paying for you, not the other way around. If you are asked to pay before you can start taking surveys, something's very wrong.

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Will I Get Spammed if I Give My Email?

No, you won’t. The only emails you will receive are invitations to take surveys, aka opportunities for you to earn.

There are people who consider these emails spam, since they receive a lot of them, and their other mails get lost in between them. A solution for this understandably annoying problem is creating a new email account, just for taking surveys.

It is free and quick, and this way you don’t have to worry that your personal emails get lost, or that you will miss opportunities to fill new surveys and earn more.

Why Do I Keep Hearing That Paid Surveys Are a Scam?

There are two likely reason why you keep hearing paid online surveys are a scam.

  • People have too high expectation. They think you can get rich overnight, and get frustrated when they need to fill more than one survey in order to earn a redeemable amount of money. Surveys are not a way to get rich, but they will earn you extra cash if you stay consistent with them. Patience is key.
  • There actually are multiple scams online. Unfortunately there have and always will be people who will take advantage of others, and online it is even easier than ever. This is why it is important to stay sharp and critical when you want to start taking surveys.