The Beginner's Guide to Paid Online Surveys

Heard of paid online surveys but don't know how they work? Check out our infographic!

Have you heard of paid online surveys? You probably have, but maybe you don’t know how paid online surveys work or you might have questions like: are online surveys safe; are online surveys a scam? In case you have never heard of paid online surveys, let us introduce you. Check out our infographic below to find our beginner’s guide to online surveys. For more in-depth details, read on.

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What Are Paid Online Surveys?

Paid online surveys are one of the ways to conduct market research. Large companies and big name brands conduct market research through paid online surveys to understand their targeted customers. This helps companies to understand their customers and improve their products according to customer opinions.

How Do Paid Online Surveys Work?

Paid online surveys are free and easy. If you are older than 16 years of age, then you can get paid to take online surveys. There are no qualifications required to take paid online surveys. How it works is that you sign up for free, start receiving online surveys via your email and fill in the surveys on your own time. You can do the paid online surveys anywhere, like from your couch with your laptop or even on the go while commuting via tablet or mobile phone.

Are Online Surveys Safe?

You should make sure to use a legitimate website to sign up for paid online surveys. This way your information will be safe. One way to check the legitimacy of a website is to have a look at their privacy policy and how they handle your personal information.

Are Online Surveys Scams?

No, you will actually get paid to take online surveys, however on the condition that you pick your site carefully. Check out if the website is asking you to pay a fee to take paid online surveys. A legitimate website will never ask you to pay a sign up fee. Also, be careful of promises of payouts that sound too good to be true.

How Do I Get Paid To Take Online Surveys?

The payment method for taking paid online surveys varies according to the website. Some offer cash, paid via Paypal, while others offer vouchers for branded companies. You can receive gift cards for Marks&Spencer, GAP, Amazon, and Sainsbury’s. Some also offer rewards points which you can redeem for discounts at certain stores. If the payment methods is reward points, there is usually a minimum amount of accumulated points you have to reach before you can use them.

How Much Do I Get Paid To Take Online Surveys?

If you are getting paid to take online surveys for cash, the amount will vary from 1.5 to 5 pounds per survey you take. This amount changes based on how many questions are there in the survey and how long it takes to fill out the paid online survey.

Who Can Take Online Surveys?

Paid online surveys are great for people who have some extra time on their hands that they would like to turn into some extra pocket money. Therefore, paid online surveys can be perfect for part-time workers, students, and stay-at-home mums or pensioners. By getting paid to take online surveys, you will not get rich, however, you sure will have some extra pocket money to spare or some discounts or gift cards to use while shopping.

Why Sign Up With Surveybee?

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So, why not use the time you spent in front of a computer to start making money. If you are a person who enjoys crossword puzzles, you might even find it quite entertaining to take paid surveys and make money online. Would you like to start getting paid to take online surveys? Sign up below!