QUIZ: Which Christmas Song Are You?

Take the quiz to find out what Christmas song you are

Christmas is just around the corner and Christmas music has started to fill the streets. It is beginning to sound a lot like Christmas... Everywhere you go you can hear the tunes playing in the stores, while walking down the street, or perhaps you even sing along to the radio in the car. You’ve heard them all before and probably know most of them all by heart; maybe even enough to be able to perform your own Christmas concert.

Sure, everyone has their favourite Christmas songs, but do you know what Christmas song you are?

We picked the most popular Christmas hits in the UK and made a fun Christmas quiz for you! Based on your answers, this quiz will tell you which Christmas song you would be if you were one. So go ahead, take the quiz to find out which Christmas song you are! Don’t forget to scroll down to read the breakdown of your results and to listen to all the songs. Merry Christmas everyone!


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