Become A Successful Blogger With These Useful Tips And Tricks

You may have recently started a blog, or have discussed with some friends around the table your idea to go full-time with your blogging. There will always be nay-sayers who do not believe it’s possible or lucrative. But for those people expressing that blogging is a dying form – they do not know the truth. Blogging is thriving!


Implement slowly

While there are many methods to increase the monetization of your blog, it is advised that you implement these over some time. It is wise not to try them all at the same time, as there is an incredible amount to learn about each revenue stream (especially if you’re wanting to do this successfully). If you are new to blogging, take a look at some of the following streams bloggers use to generate income:

  • Capitalize on affiliate marketing
  • Run ads through your site
  • Create a members-only content area
  • Offer a private forum
  • Sell digital products from your blog sites, such as eBooks or online courses
  • Host a paid webinar or workshop
  • Offer online consulting

Optimize ad plays

For those of you who are already running ads through your blog, you may find that it isn’t resulting in income. Remember that you will need to optimize your ads through their placement on your site, the actual size of the ad, as well as enhancing the quality of the traffic coming through. Use data analytics to assess whether the ad is suitable for your viewing audience, as there may be a mismatch between your readers and the advertised product or service.

Continue learning

The blog space has evolved tremendously over the last 5 years, and the advancing world of the internet is making new opportunities possible all the time. Following a trusted source to help you keep a pulse on changing tech or ad trends, for example, is invaluable to your ability to generate income.

A simple and effective way to strengthen your blogging business is through online training. Courses and webinars from Fat Stacks Blog will give you deeper insight into ways that you can finetune your ever-improving online presence. Learn from the best and sign up for any webinars or workshops that you think might be valuable.

Make sure you add value

You never want readers to leave your blog feeling like you have wasted their time, and unfortunately, many blogs do not leave you with valuable information, spark inspiration, or contribute to your understanding of the subject. Step away from your content for some time and then when you return, evaluate it from the angle of the user.

You may also consider asking a friend or trusted colleague to tell you about their user experience of your blog:

  • What did they find really insightful about your blog?
  • How could you improve the content and experience for visitors?
  • Do they have any ideas of what is missing from the site’s offering – or what else would they like to get from the blog?

Asking the right questions can help you narrow down your action list for improvements.

Utilize social media

To create a successful blog, you will need to promote your blog and your expertise on relevant channels. Create a smooth marketing strategy so that your social media complements what is happening on your blog. Keep in mind during cross-promotion that the content should not simply be repeated, as followers will lose interest. Use visuals to capture attention, and then encourage the audience to ‘read more.


Boosting blog traffic via social media by sharing your blog content through a Facebook group, for instance, or by easily allowing blog users to share to their social media channels. The more places people see or read about your blog, the better!

Be persistent and consistent

Nothing comes easy, this is the truth. And though you may feel despondent about your blog that hasn’t become a fruitful business after this time, do not give up if this is something you really want. You will need to work hard – and smart. Invite people into your inner circle who are familiar with the aspects of the job with which you struggle.

Because the online world is instant, and the attention span of most users has become much more fleeting, you will need to work consistently to provide quality content that is unique and worthwhile. This is especially true if you offer paid forums, webinars, or monthly subscriptions to your site.

What can help you with improving your content is to consider your niche. You may be finding that your subject of choice is simply oversaturated with other content. Narrow down and focus your content on topics that have lower competition online. In this way, your blog will likely reach users who are searching for new and interesting info online!