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  • Get paid in cash via Paypal or gift vouchers from your favorite brands.
  • Earn up to £5 per survey with the top market research brands in the UK!
  • More than 100,000 people is already making money with us, don’t miss your chance!
Last Updated: 08 December 2016

Become a product tester

What are product testing jobs?

Product testing jobs are given to product testers when a new product or product feature is developed. This enables the company to try the product on an outside party. The reviews given by the tester pinpoint the strong and weak points of the product. Based on the results, the company can make improvements or create new products in the future.

As a product tester you are tasked with the awesome duty of receiving free product weekly and product testing it to find out how well the product works. SurveyBee gathers the best surveys to make money online, our service is 100% free and makes it easy for you to make money from home. After finishing the testing you solidify your thoughts into a report which gets sent back to the company.

Product testing in the UK

Want to get the latest and greatest products shipped straight to your door for free? By becoming a product tester you can have exactly that. Product testing is an easy and rewarding way to help develop awesome products while getting a lot of your favorite products for free.

Consumers are now used to finding out as much as they can about a product before they buy. During their search, they look for detailed information on various products, and the internet provides a lot of information, including reviews, about them. Reviews may have a direct impact on companies sales and performance.

This new consumer habit has increased pressure on manufacturers. They now need to manufacture products that meet consumers demands perfectly. Companies are therefore investing heavily in ways to find out what people think about their products.

Corporations organise for their products to be tested by various target audiences. This testing can take place at different stages of product development. The process of finding out what consumers think of a product is called Product Testing.


Eligible to become a product tester - Do you qualify?

Anyone can become a product tester and start product testing jobs. Although, some products are specifically intended to be product tested by a certain demographic of product testers. Thereby you will be more likely to get paid to test products that are inline with your tastes and interests.

You can increase your chances of being chosen to do product testing by signing up for testing many different types of products. Over time doing more product testing will additionally boost the likelihood that you will be chosen to be a product tester for the best products.


Work from home product testers should be:

  • Capable adults of sound mind

  • Able to follow written instructions easily

  • Able to operate a computer and use the internet

  • Able to write clearly, using few words

As a plus, recruiters look for people who:

  • Have an interest in brands and products and are aware of what’s going on in the market

  • Are users of several brands and products in their daily routine


After signing up to become a product tester, you will be sent a questionnaire to be completed. It's recommended that the questionnaire is answered as truthfully as possible. The questions will contain general lifestyle questions. Do not provide any sensitive personal information. Stay away from companies asking this sort of information. Answer in detail and make sure to provide an honest picture of yourself.

Companies are now able to match products with your profile. You will then be able to review and provide constructive and honest feedback to questionnaires. Keeping your answers honest will ensure that you will appreciate the products sent to you for product testing.

After the questionnaire is completed, you are all set to start product testing. Products will be send to your address, a list of instructions, and a test deadline will also accompany the product.

You will also receive instructions on when/how to record your experiences with the product testing process. There are different requirements from the panels depending on the type of product. Some tests require users to record their experience every time they use the product. Others might consider it enough for users to do a once-a-day record at the end of the day.


Many panelists enjoy the “power” they feel when product testing and providing their opinion. They feel that they can influence companies decisions in their production phase. This can be a great feeling and a reward in itself.

Consumers are now used to researching products before buying. They will read reviews and only buy products with good ratings. Manufacturers can not afford to take consumers opinions for granted. Your opinion is very valuable to companies. By product testing and providing your thoughts and findings on a product, you will be helping to shape products in positive ways.



By signing up at SurveyBee you will automatically start receiving product testing requests in your inbox. From there your are free to decide which products you would like to test each week by accepting or declining email invitations.

As with any other job type, recruiters need a detailed resume from applicants to consider them for product testing positions. Recruiters in the industry look for writing experience and ability to communicate in written form. Apart from these qualities, they are looking for everyday typical consumers.

The recruiting process take place online. Applications are sent to recruiters via online forms. Make sure to write an original application text for each company where you apply. Also, fill-in all relevant details with as much details as possible. This is to candidate's advantage, as panels will select candidates based on their profiles.

Once you have written a resume and application, you can use both documents as a starting point to apply. Customising the documents to fit the company and position which you are applying for is good practice. Also, customised versions of you CV and letter are likely to give you better results.


Product testing UK is legitimate work and therefore, you, of course, earn a salary for your work. At the start, your salary will not be very high, but if you have patience and keep at it you can begin to earn a decent wage.

In addition to your product tester salary, all the product you test are sent to you completely free of charge. You can even increase your earning by selling the product you do not want and therefore make money online besides product testing.

An established product tester can bring home between £5 and £70 cash payout a month. This amount increases when considering the value of products given to testers.

Professional testers who make a living by carrying out product testing are self-employed. They follow the rules stated on the HM Revenue and Customs website: It is unlikely that you will have to pay taxes on your earnings, but it’s worth keeping the rules in mind.



Real money payouts are not common right after sign-up. The rewards for product testers starting out are small. They include the experience of receiving products, testing them and sometimes keep the product. Experienced testers provide high quality reviews and have built a good reputation. They will therefore receive the more expensive products to test.

Cash payouts for product testing is commonly done via PayPal in the industry. Bank transfers and/or freelance invoices are not used. This is good practice and protects your sensitive information. Some testing panels might also offer vouchers as a form of payment. The vouchers are able to be redeemed at well-known stores and online shops.


There are all kinds of products that get tested which creates lots of opportunities to get paid to test products. A few of the most common types of product testing are electronic and technology gadgets as well as everyday household items etc. By becoming a reputable product tester you can try out cutting edge technology for free. Things like mobile smart phones have new models released each year and all of them need to be tested.

High-end products which are expensive are reviewed by experienced testers. They have proven that they are able to submit quality reviews. These products can include electronics, cosmetics and even shoes and clothes.

Digital products such as websites, mobile and tablets applications also require testing. Companies are increasingly selling their products online. They need to make sure their digital products work well. It is common for testers to receive a list of tasks to complete on websites and document the findings.


One tip for getting picked for product testing the best products is to sign up for many different types of products. Another tip is to accept all of the email invitations at the start. This way you will become a prefered product tester and you will get picked to test the best products more frequently.


One of the coolest things about product testing is all the awesome and useful product you will get to keep afterwards. Product testers don’t have to pay anything for testing, so everything is sent straight to your home free of charge.

With product testing you could become one of the few lucky people who receive the latest mobile phone to test for free each time a new model is released. The amount of money you stand to save is huge, and you can even make money online by selling the products you don’t feel like keeping.


There might be some conditions which the panel needs you to follow in order for the test to be carried out. E.g. if you are testing a hair shampoo, you’ll probably be asked to stop using your regular shampoo. This is in order to make sure that any results which you experience are due to the test shampoo.

Some panels might ask testers to install software on their PC. These programs are designed to help testers record their product testing experiences easily. However, installing any third party programs does carry some risk. It is recommended to ensure that your computer is up-to-date with an anti-virus program. Also, although rare, some panels might ask for handwritten responses.


Not really, but recruiters are wary of applicants who work in marketing or have a past in the industry. They need to protect companies against competitors posing as testers. If you have a past in marketing, state in your application what you have been doing. This can also be seen as an advantage. They might consider previous marketeers for tests which require knowledge of a certain industry. Having this kind of background knowledge can make you a highly desired candidate for product testing at home.


Panels need impartial opinions from product testers. To ensure tests are carried out by unbiased people, they do include terms and conditions in the tests. These might include questions about ties to particular company's, products and/or employees. Testers with certain ties are considered biased and might be excluded from certain tests.

Product testing panels appreciate constructive, honest and detailed feedback from partakers, particularly strong opinions.State your reasons for disliking/liking a certain feature in honesty. Companies appreciate this highly. Answering most questions with weak answers like “OK” and “Fine” are not useful. These answers are general and do not provide the panel with the answers they need.


A common question product testers ask is if product testing in the UK is legit. The biggest risk of  testing from home in the UK comes from scammers. The internet is not always the safest of places and therefore you need to be extra careful when accepting products from unreputable companies. Luckily, by signing up at SurveyBee we eliminate any risk by not only sending you the safest but also the best paying tests opportunities straight to your email’s inbox.

Less reputable companies are also present in the internet. And they do try to scam visitors with false promises. This is a problem, but there are ways to avoid taking risks. Some of the most common claims which they make include:

  • You’ll be able to keep all the goods which you test.

  • You’ll receive many different items to test every week.

  • You’ll receive an individual payout for every test which you conduct (Most product testing panels make payments based on a period of time).

People who have done tests for a considerable amount of time and have proven their professionalism, have the possibility to be able to keep the test products. But would a company send an expensive item for testing and allow test reviewers to keep it every time? If it sounds too good to be true, than it probably is.


The best product testing companies are the ones with the best reputation for providing safe and well paying opportunities for product testers. SurveyBee strives to be the best at providing you with the safest and best ways to make money from home.

The testing panel companies listed on our website has been selected with care. They have passed our selection process and are recommended by us. If you want to sign-up with ease of mind, visit our home page.

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