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Last Updated: 14 February 2019

Home _Business _Ideas

As new technologies develop, new opportunities to work have emerged. With home business ideas it is no longer necessary to be tied to a traditional workplace in order to generate an income.

It is now easier than ever to start your own business, and it is often possible to do so from your own home. Home business ideas let you create a business of your own while you get to work from home.

With home business ideas you can be your own boss, and be in full control of your work. Home business ideas can be part-time jobs that you only spend some of your time on, or full time jobs that you dedicate more of your time to.

Read below about the following:

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Who Could Benefit From Home Business Ideas?

There are lots of different kinds of people that could be interested in developing their own home business ideas and start to work from home:


Having kids is a wonderful thing. They require a lot of time and attention, and their needs can be difficult to fulfil with a traditional 9 to 5 job. Being away 8 hours every weekday can be hard on the parents too, since they naturally want to see their child grow.

However, sometimes parents simply can’t afford to stay at home with the kids, apart from maternal and paternal leave. A nice solution for this can be a home business idea, that allows parents to work from home.

Small home business ideas are optimal when taking care of a small kids at the same time. With different home business ideas, parents can be there for their kids while still earning money by working from home.

People Living in Suburbs

People who don’t live near the city centre often need to spend a considerable amount of time commuting, either by car, bike, or public transportation. This can be very costly, both in terms of time and money.

Having a home business would mean that commuting is no longer necessary. With home business ideas, people living in the suburb could devote time previously spent on commuting working from home effectively instead.

Home _Business _Ideas _2

Part-timers and Freelancers

Part time job mean that you work for less than the full 37h workweek. They allow more flexibility and free time, but sometimes they don’t provide enough income. Having a home business idea could bring you the rest of the income you need.

When you already have a job, like freelancing or part-time jobs, you have to take that into account when deciding which home business idea is the most fitting for yourself. Good business ideas that go along well with other jobs are small business ideas that don’t require a huge amount of time to manage.

What is a Good Home Business Idea?

Just like any great business ideas, good home business ideas have some general characteristics. The most important ingredient in a home business idea is you. If you are motivated and ready to work for your business, it is more likely to succeed.

Some other characteristics are not as necessary, but they can help you create a home business idea that will be profitable. Here are 6 characteristics of good home business ideas:

  • Low start up costs. Home business ideas that don’t require a large investment in order to get started are less risky and easier to make happen from home.
  • Manageable. Unless you are planning to expand a lot and hire help, you should make sure that you can comfortably manage your business without spending all of your free time on it.
  • Simple. If your home business idea is too complicated and you have to work on too many things at once, you will most likely get overwhelmed and lose your focus. Keeping things simple help you focus on what’s most important.
  • Clear Market. If your market is well defined and you are familiar with it, it will be much easier to sell your product or service. Make sure the market also has a need for the product of your home business idea.
  • Unique. If you can create something that hasn’t done before, you can easily eliminate competition. You can also create something that has been done before, but just do it better or with your own twist. 
  • Uses your skills. It comes without saying that if your home business idea is based on your existing expertise, you are much more likely to succeed than if you need to learn a new skill from scratch, unless you really want to push your limits.

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Concrete Home Business Ideas

Even though a good home business idea can be anything, we have gathered a few examples of home business ideas that have been proven to work, time after time.

Selling Crafts

If you are good at creating nice looking, functional items, you could use that to your advantage. Selling handmade crafts is an excellent home business idea. Very popular crafts at the moment include jewelry and clothing.

Nowadays, it is very easy to open your own store online, either by creating your very own webpage or by signing up to a site that is dedicated to selling homemade items, like Etsy. Your market doesn’t need to be in your hometown anymore, you can target the whole world.

The only things to keep in mind when selling crafts online, is to make sure you can deliver your goods to your customers if you plan on selling globally, and that you are using safe payment methods.

Creating a Video Channel

Videos channels have become a powerful media competing with traditional television. Great thing about videos channels is that anyone can start one, for free.

Some of the most popular content on video streaming sites like youtube, include tutorials, vlogs, gaming, and comedy sketches. Creating a channel for yourself costs nothing, which makes it a really easy home business idea. It is, however, not that simple to actually earn money through videos.

In order to become popular enough to make money from home with videos, you will need, not only good quality equipment, but also content that people want to watch. If you do manage to get a viewer page, you can do sponsorships in order to increase your earning.

Home _Business _Ideas _Video

Completing Online Surveys

How many times have you found yourself unsatisfied with a product or service, and you would have liked to give your opinion to producers? Now you can do that by taking part in market research and filling online surveys. The best part? You will get paid for your time.

Signing up for online surveys is easy, fast, and completely free. You don’t need to invest anything else other than your time. Companies need relevant feedback about their products in order to improve them, so they are willing to pay for your time and opinions.

What makes online surveys a good home business idea? Is it the fact that there are no startup costs, and you can start taking surveys in minutes? It might be because it can be hard to earn a full income with surveys, so you might benefit from a part-time job alongside this home business idea.

Become a Tutor

If you have some knowledge of a subject like languages or science, you could consider turning that knowledge into a business by becoming a tutor. This home business idea is excellent because you can easily use your home for tutoring one or two students.

There are always students in need of tutoring in different subjects, and parents are often ready to pay in order to help their kids succeed in school. Starting to tutor doesn’t require much investment, since the most important ingredient is your own know-how.

The only challenge with this home business idea is finding a large enough customer base to make a decent income. A good idea is starting small with relatives and friends who have kids in need of tutoring, and once you have gained experience, start advertising more widely.

Pet Sitting Business

If you love animals, and are not afraid of a little mess, why not start a pet sitting business? There are many people who struggle with animals because they are not able to be home alone during the daytime. By taking care of those animals you can create a great home business idea.

You could also consider expanding your home business idea into a pet hotel. Thereby, you can look after people’s pets while their owners are on holiday and get paid for it. Taking dogs for walks is also another business idea, as there are people who are not able or don’t have time to do so by themselves.

You will, of course, have to make sure you have a home that is suitable for having animals over. You also need be ready to feed the animals and take care of their other needs, like taking them for walks, but other than that, this is a rather simple home business idea.

Home _Business _Ideas _pets

Sell Unwanted Items

We all have things that we barely use: clothes, shoes, bags, DVD's, books, furniture, etc. Selling your extra stuff necessary can be a great way to earn some money. This is probably not a great long-term home business idea, but it can provide you with some extra cash every now and then.

If you want to successfully sell your items, you have to follow these steps:

  • Provide enough pictures in order to give the buyer a better image of the item.
  • Take high quality pictures. Find a clean background to place the item in front of. If you are selling fashion, try to create a nice outfit and fold it nicely (get inspired in fashion blogs).
  • Provide a proper description of the item. The more detailed the information is, the better.
  • Give a fair price. Remember, the reason why one shops second hand is because they want stuff cheaper than in the stores.
  • Find the best places to sell it online. Some of them are cheaper, and others have more participants.

Finding a home business idea can be a great solution for many people who face difficulties when looking for a job. It can be very convenient, and will make you your own boss. Choose a home business idea that inspires you to work effectively, and don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands!