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  • Get paid in cash via Paypal or gift vouchers from your favorite brands.
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  • More than 100,000 people is already making money with us, don’t miss your chance!
Last Updated: 14 February 2019

Jobs Online

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How to Work From Home With Different Jobs Online

Having a job online can be very different from a traditional job. You might meet other formalities with jobs online and it will require some more restrain. At Surveybee we see online jobs as something everybody should be able to do. Which is why we will try to help you get started with jobs online and answer any questions you might have.

We believe online jobs are suitable for everyone, and are perfect for work from home, and also great part time jobs. Different jobs online of course require different skills and resources, but the most important thing needed is time. If you have enough time to invest, online jobs can work for you without a doubt.

The key to making jobs online suitable for everyone with some extra time, is variety. Online Jobs range from taking paid surveys to creating websites. Some jobs online require you to have a very specific set of skills, while some require absolutely nothing, except for an internet connection. This means that no matter what, there is an online job out there, somewhere, that is perfect just for you.

This page will provide you with advice and tips that will help you begin your search of jobs online. Below you will find list of different online job opportunities, and a guide that will help you stay sharp with the different jobs you choose to do online. We have also listed the different pros and cons of jobs online, so you don’t have to.

So check out all this information below about jobs online, and consider signing up to Surveybee. You can start working with online jobs in terms of online surveys already today and make money online!

How to Make Money With Jobs Online?

Jobs online have such a variety of different opportunities, that it is impossible to list them all. They can be full time online jobs, part time jobs, work from home jobs etc. The only thing limiting the possibilities of jobs online is your own imagination. Sometimes your imagination might need some help however. To help you find some inspiration, we have made a list of some of the most common online jobs.


8 Ways To Work Using The Internet


Graphic Design

Graphic designers create designs for web pages, layouts, logos and advertisements. In order to do this online job you will often need a specific education, but there also self taught graphic designers out there. You will need at the very least some knowledge on how to use different designing programs and a passion for making good looking designs.

Web Administration

Web administrators help keep websites running. This job online involves updating, gathering information, maintaining servers and a lot more. Sometimes companies lack of human resources and they may need a person who could take care of their web page. For this online job you of course need knowledge on how websites and their administrative programs work, but it is very easy to do from home.

Online Surveys

Jobs online don’t really get much easier than paid online surveys. All you have to do is to find the relevant sites that offer different survey panels, register there and provide your personal information. Then you just wait for paid surveys to arrive to you, and you can start filling them. One of the examples is our site, Surveybee. We offer a lot of flexibility, you are able to choose how much, how often and when you want to do this online job. Survey's might not be always suitable for full time jobs, but are great as part time jobs.

 Jobs _Online _Online _Surveys

Online Shops

If you are very creative and love crafts, it is possible to create an online job from that. You can set up your own business and sell your creations online. This online job will of course require some investments from you in order the business to succeed, but it can be a great way to make money from home if you create something that people are willing to buy. You can find other home business ideas here.

Selling Your Used Items Online

Making money online with selling your old items is rather simple. If you have old clothing, games, technology, etc, you can easily make some money with them. There are multiple sites where it costs nothing to register your items for others to purchase. Only thing you might need to worry about is shipping costs if you plan to sell your items internationally. This is rather a good way to make some extra money, but it might be hard to do as a full time online job.

Online Investments

It is clear without saying that online investments are a very risky business, and an online job that you should consider very carefully. In theory all you need is some money to start investing. We however strongly advise that you start by doing a lot of research, and perhaps by hiring some help. It is definitely possible to make money somewhat safely with investments, but only with sound knowledge on how the stocks actually work and which ones are the ones worth investing to.

Focus Groups

It is possible to earn money by taking part in online focus groups. Focus groups usually involve using special software to meet online with a group of people. The companies which want to gain customers' feedbacks about certain products use such groups. Focus groups are great for part time jobs, or even full time jobs.

Paid to Click Sites

These sites allow the user to make money online by doing some tasks on their website. When a user collects a certain amount of points, he can swap them for a Paypal transfer or shopping vouchers. Like Online Surveys, it is hard to make this your full time job online, but it is a great way to earn extra money.


Other Ideas For Online Jobs:


  • Become a translator. If you are fluent in multiple languages, use this ability! Translate texts for private companies or publishing houses. This is a great job to do online.


  • Be a teacher. Again, depending on your capabilities, find out what you know how to do best. For example, maybe you are good at maths or maybe you can play a guitar. Why not to share it with others and earn money at the same time?


  • Maybe you know hot to fix computers, cars or other kinds of machinery? Such specialists are often needed and if you are a good specialist, most likely, you will always have customers because you will often be recommended.


  • Have a spare room in a house and you live in popular place for tourists? Then why not share and rent it! You can find many sites where it is possible to rent your house, room, or even a couch for travelers to come and stay momentarily.


  • Do you have experience in accounting? If yes, then it is a good time to share it! There are some companies which, usually in the end of finance year, are busy and are not capable to cope with all paperwork and need some extra help, so your accounting experience could be useful.



These are just a few examples of different jobs online. There are many more ways to work from home, like we stated, only your imagination limits you the different options for jobs online. According to individual situation and capabilities, you can choose and find your own best way to work from home with online jobs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Jobs

For many people online jobs might sound like a dream come true: there is no boss around and you can work any way, any time you want. However, reality might be slightly different. Sometimes jobs online are even more challenging than traditional ones. So, here are some pros and cons regarding jobs online.


  • Jobs online can be more productive. You won’t be bothered by colleagues around you, and you can choose who you want to talk to.
  • Your schedule will be very flexible. With online you are your own boss and you have a choice to decide when and how long you want to work.
  • Since your home is your office with jobs online, there is no commuting to a workplace in rush hours, which can save you a reasonable amount of money.
  • You can choose holidays according to your wishes and when they best fit you.
  • You can take a break whenever you want to, without a permission from anybody, and you get to spend it however you like.
  • There's no dress codes with jobs online, you can work in a pyjama if you feel like it!
  • Money you earn is yours and only yours, it is not shared with anybody, and you are free to control how much you make.
  • You can create your workplace in a way that suits you perfectly. In the office you would not be able to choose furniture and decorations. You also get to choose what equipment you want and need when working from home.

 Jobs _Online _No _dress _code


  • State taxes for individual services are pretty high, which means that jobs online are not so much better when it comes to taxation than traditional jobs.
  • There's no guarantee of income with jobs online. There is no paycheck at the beginning of the month for online jobs. You have to make sure to earn all the money yourself.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate and stay sharp with online jobs. When you are in an office, you just have to focus no matter what, but at home there is no one to monitor you.
  • Other people might not realize that online jobs are real jobs too. This could mean that they will drop you a call or a visit without thinking that you also need time and space to work.
  • You are the only one responsible for clients. If you don't care about them or don't try to find new ones, your career with online jobs won’t go far.
  • There is a lack of social life with online jobs, especially if you live alone and work from home. In an office there are the colleagues who you can talk with when you are not in a good mood, or ask for help, etc.


How to Stay Motivated When Working From Home?

Online jobs offer flexible work schedules, independent tasks and the cosiness of home. However, everybody who works at home probably agrees that jobs online might be more complicated than they seem to be. You need to have self-control and motivation, be strict enough to resist temptations surrounding you at home. So, how to stay motivated while working from home with online jobs, full time or as a part time job, and how to make the most out of it? Here are some tips:

Jobs _ Online _How _To _Stay _Motivated

Set Clear Goals

Set the clear goals for your work and precise vision of the future with your online job. You can make detailed plan with deadlines that you follow with jobs online. This way you will always know what task you are working on and why.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

As it was said before, make a detailed plan for every day of your job online and be strict to follow it. Additionally, you can bring in some rituals to your online job, for example, start the day with the tasks you don't want to do, so that later you can focus on the more pleasant ones. Do not forget to include breaks to your schedule even with online jobs. If you try working multiple hours straight, you brain will get very tired. Take breaks about once an hour, and try to at least once a day take a break where you go outside too. This should be no problem with jobs online.

Make Your Workspace Perfect for Yourself

With online jobs, you have the right to choose who you work with, and who you talk to during the day. You also have the freedom to make the workplace convenient for you. Take advantage of this side of jobs online, and make the workspace around you distraction free, comfortable and in general perfectly fitting for yourself so you can maximise your productivity.

 Jobs _Online _Perfect _workspace

Take Care of Yourself

It can be easy to get a little lazy when you do your job online. In order for your brain to function properly and stay sharp, you should make sure to take care of the rest of your body too. Adding some exercise to your workday is really easy when having an online job, and there are multiple exercises you can easily do at home, like squats, pushups and situps.

You should also look carefully at what you put in your mouth. Snacking on sweet and salty treats is tempting always, not just with jobs online, and it is okay sometimes. Most of the time you should however focus on maintaining a balanced diet to work more effectively with your online job. Take advantage of the opportunity to cook your own, healthy lunch!

Embrace the Boss Within Yourself

Keep in mind that with online jobs you are the one who regulates your time and working hours. You can make a flexible schedule that fits your rhythm perfectly. You no more need to plan your holidays months early in order to ask time off from your boss, you can have them whenever they suit you.

You can work as much as you want with jobs online and, in most cases, whenever you want. Of course, the more you work, the more you will earn. So, it is totally up to you- if you want, you can work and earn more, but if you don't- nobody can complain. So, embrace your online job, and work from home as your own boss!