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Last Updated: 14 February 2019

Part Time Jobs

Great Alternative For The Usual 35 Hour Work Weeks

Part _Time _Jobs

Part time jobs are a type of employment, where a worker clocks in less than the full time of 30 - 35 hours a week. They have become a popular alternative to full time jobs. The UK Labour Market reported that 8.4 million Brits worked part time jobs in the second quarter of 2016.

Part time jobs are a very common form of student jobs, because they are easy to do in the evening, and also as a weekend job. Many stay-at-home mums work part time jobs from home too, as they are a lot easier to manage with kids. Elderly people also often switch to part time jobs before going to pension.

If you have ever considered doing work from home, part time jobs a great way to do that. Part time jobs offer flexibility too, as you often get to choose your working hours.

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Why Should You Consider Part Time Jobs?

There are several reasons why people want to work with part time jobs. During economic downturns there are less full-time jobs available, and then part time jobs become a great alternative. Some people want to do jobs online, which are often part time jobs as well.
Some people start part-time jobs when their situation changes.They are great especially for:

  • Student jobs, since they provide both money and time for studying 
  • Weekend jobs, since you get to often decide the working hours
  • Stay at home parents, since they are easy to manage with kids
  • Pensioners, since they are less tiring than full time jobs

Often you get to choose your own working hours with part time jobs. Even the times when you do not, you will often be working many different kind of shifts. This means that you can find out what kind of working hours are best for you. Many part time workers also have the possibility to work from home.

What Are The Advantages of Part Time Jobs?

There are several advantages with part time jobs, even apart from the obvious one: having more free time. Still for most people this is the most important advantage of part time jobs, which is understandable.

Having a nine to five job can often leave you with a feeling that you have barely any free time during the weeks. Being able to cut down those work hours with part time jobs leaves more time for activities like sports and spending time with friends and family. These activities are important both for your physical and mental health.

Part _Time _Jobs _Freetime

Other big advantage of part time jobs is increased motivation for work. When you feel like, you have enough time for the activities that you enjoy in your freetime, it is very likely that you will feel more motivated to work and focus better during part time hours. You will very likely get more rest when you work from home part time, which means you are more refreshed and ready to work.

Besides advantages that have to do with time, part time jobs are great when you are not sure what you would like to work with. Working only a few days per week will give you a good first look of the job. If you enjoy what you are doing part time, you can consider doing it full time. You can even discover some home business ideas.

5 Ideas for Part Time Jobs From Home:

Online Surveys

Paid online surveys are a great way to work from home. You will earn by answering surveys that companies create about their products. Survey Panels are always looking for panelists that are active and consistent in their survey taking. Surveys are a great part time job, because they require no investments or particular skills.

Part _Time _Jobs _Online _Surveys


Taking a job as a freelancer means that you will be given a task that you have to complete within a certain time period. You can work for example as a writer, photographer, programmer or as a graphical artist . If you need help to get started, we have created “The Best Guide To Become a Freelancer

Part _Time _Jobs _Freelancing

Data Entry Jobs

If you are a fast typing expert, data entry jobs could be perfect part time job for you. You can do data entry easily from home, as this part time job requires you to insert data into a computer database. You don’t need any specific education, just precision and quick fingers, so this is also a great student job.

Part _Time _Jobs _Data _Entry _Jobs


Many kids need extra help with their school work and parents are willing to pay for help. If you have skills in some subjects, or maybe you are a retired teacher, you could benefit from tutoring from your home. It is a great part time job to do in the evening or as a weekend job, and you can easily work from home.

Part _Time _Jobs _Tutoring

Child Care

Taking care of children from your home can be a great and fun part time job. You can start by offering your services to family, friends and neighbours. Once you are set-up, spread the word by advertising with your local paper. Having an education in child care helps, but if create good reputation, you can still succeed.

Part _Time _Jobs _Child _Care

Things to Consider With Part time Jobs From Home

Your Home Office:

If you are considering working a part time job from your home, it is important to think about your physical space. Will your work affect your family/roommates life? Will you need peace and quiet to carry out the work but the children get home early? Do you have the equipment you need to do your work? If you work a weekend job, does it disturb your freetime? All of these things are worth considering.

Part _Time _Jobs _Home _Office


Informing your mortgage provider about your work from home is important. Mortgage rates vary between business properties and residential properties. Your mortgage provider will likely ask a few questions and update your records. Policies do differ, but as long as you are not using more than 40% of your home for working from home, you won't be affected. You should still check with your provider, just to make sure.


Insurance companies need to be informed if you start working from home. Some people who work part time jobs from home will store expensive machines and materials at home. Updating your insurance information will guarantee financial safety if anything goes wrong. Just breaking your computer can be a huge loss especially if it is your main tool for working.


Part time job earnings are of course liable to taxes. Make sure to check the rules to avoid issues. If you are unsure about how to handle your taxes with part time jobs and work from home, contact the HM Revenue & Customs office for guidance.

How To Apply to Part Time Jobs?

The application process for part time jobs can vary quite a lot depending on the job type. Make sure to follow the application instructions provided for each job. Sometimes you need to fill a form, and sometimes the application format is more free. If the part time job ad is vague on application requirements, look for inspiration at relevant websites.

Part _Time _Jobs _CV

As a general preparation it is a great idea to keep a detailed resume ready to be sent out to recruiters. Keeping a cover letter template for customisation will also speed up the application process with part time jobs. Make sure your resume and cover letter match the industry standard. For this, the internet has many great resources. A strong and original CV is important, so invest some time in it.


Is It Possible to Balance More Than One Part Time Job?

This depends largely on the type of part time jobs you choose. Make sure to keep a diary of the part time jobs which you are working with and how many hours you have used to complete them. If you are student, make sure your student job fits with your studies.

As a good rule of practise remember to keep a log of your earnings for each part time job. This is not only for tax purposes, but also useful if you want to compare earnings between the part time jobs. With this information on hand it becomes easy to consider opportunities with part time jobs and their worth.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when juggling multiple part time jobs:

  • Make a plan: Schedule and plan carefully when you will have time for each part time job, and what are the different tasks. Staying organised is key to making multiple part time jobs work.
  • Choose carefully: Make sure to choose part time jobs that are easy to fit together. Combining a weekend job and a job done during the working days is a good idea.
  • Don’t overwork yourself: You have to make sure that you have enough time to rest. Having more than one part time job is already a challenge in itself, but if you are tired and not sharp, it will become even more challenging.
  • Keep personal life and business separated: Remember to keep business hours and personal time separated. Even if you have access to your office 24/7 it does not mean that you should be working whenever you can.
  • Rely on your network: Make sure your family and friends know about your part time jobs and don’t be afraid to ask for some help. They can be powerful allies in spreading the word about your job to potential new clients.

So in conclusion, yes, it is possible to balance multiple part time jobs. You just have to make sure to plan and coordinate properly. A particularly good ideas is to combine part time jobs where you can work from home, and weekend jobs with jobs done during the normal work week.